12 Causes of acute renal failure

Dehydration is the main cause of acute renal failure, and in this case, it is more likely to be resolved, however there are other possible causes and the doctor may indicate how the treatment should be done to increase the chances of cure.

Main causes of acute kidney failure

The causes of acute renal failure, which is the kidneys’ inability to filter blood, can be:

  1. Dehydration;
  2. Lack of blood in the kidneys;
  3. Obstruction of urinary flow;
  4. Lesions in the kidney itself;
  5. Infections;
  6. Septicemia;
  7. Use of medications on their own;
  8. Purple;
  9. Hemolytic-uremic syndrome;
  10. Malignant arterial hypertension;
  11. Reaction after a blood transfusion;
  12. Placenta previa or detachment of the placenta.

The diagnosis of renal failure and its causes can be made through tests ordered by the general practitioner or by the nephrologist.

Treatment for acute renal failure

Treatment for acute renal failure should be directed to address its cause. Some treatment possibilities are:

  • Diet rich in carbohydrates and low in protein and potassium;
  • Medication use;
  • Hemodialysis may be necessary.

The treatment of acute renal failure can be done at home or in the hospital and the cure is usually achieved in 3 months, but in some cases the disease can become chronic and have no cure.

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