Deoxycholic acid for double chin

Deoxycholic acid is an injectable indicated to reduce submental fat in adults, also known as double chin or double chin, being a non-invasive and safer solution than surgery, with visible results in the first applications.

This treatment can be performed in beauty clinics by a doctor or in a dental clinic, by a dentist, and the price of each application varies from person to person, depending on the amount of fat or the region to be treated, for example, therefore, it is advisable to carry out an evaluation with the doctor first.

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How deoxycholic acid works

Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that is present in the human body, in bile salts, and serves to metabolize fats.

When applied to the chin area, this substance destroys fat cells, also known as adipocytes, stimulating an inflammatory response by the body, which will help to eliminate cell residues and pieces of fat from the region.

As the adipocytes are destroyed, less fat will accumulate in this location and the results are visible about 30 days later.

How the application is made

Deoxycholic acid must be administered by a health professional, and a topical anesthetic can be applied previously, to reduce the pain of the sting. The recommended dose is about 6 applications of 10 mL, spaced, at least, for a month, however the number of applications will also depend on the amount of fat that the person has.

Deoxycholic acid is injected into the subcutaneous adipose tissue, in the chin area, using a dose of 2 mg / cm2, divided by 50 injections, maximum of 0.2 ml each, up to a total of 10 ml, spaced 1 cm apart .

The region near the marginal mandibular nerve should be avoided, in order to avoid injuries to this nerve, which can cause asymmetry in the smile.


Injectable deoxycholic acid is contraindicated in the presence of infection at the injection site and in people under 18 years of age. In addition, it should also not be used by pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, as there are not enough studies to prove their safety.

Possible side effects

Side effects that may occur with the use of deoxycholic acid are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, erythema, hardening at the injection site and, more rarely, difficulty swallowing. 

In addition, although it is rare, there is a risk of damage to the jaw nerve and infection.

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