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What are Diabetic foods

The best foods for diabetics are foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which are also rich in fiber, and protein source foods like Minas cheese, lean meat or fish. Thus, the list of foods for diabetics can be composed of foods such as:

  • noodles, rice, bread, sugar-free muesli cereals preferably in full versions;
  • chard, endive, almond, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, chayote, carrot;
  • apple, pear, orange, papaya, melon, watermelon;
  • skimmed milk, Minas cheese, margarine, yogurt preferably in light versions;
  • lean meats like chicken and turkey, fish, seafood.

This list of foods allowed in diabetes should be included in the diet in portions adapted to each diabetic by your doctor or nutritionist. The monitoring and control of the type 2 diabetic diet should be guided by the doctor as well as the type 1 diabetic diet, adjusting the times and volume of food according to the medication or insulin used by the patient.

Foods banned in diabetes

Foods banned in diabetes are:

  • sugar, honey, jam, jam, marmalade,
  • confectionery and pastry products,
  • chocolates, candies, ice cream,
  • syrup fruit, dried fruit and very sweet fruit like banana, fig, grape and persimmon,
  • soft drinks and other sugary drinks.

Diabetics should always read the labels in case of industrialized products, as sugar may appear under the name of glucose, xylitol, fructose, maltose or inverted sugar, making this food not suitable for diabetes.

Food for diabetics and hypertensive patients

In the diet for diabetics and hypertensive patients, in addition to avoiding sugar and sugary products, they should also avoid salty or caffeinated foods such as:

  • crackers, crackers, savory snacks,
  • salted butter, cheese, salty fatty fruits, olives, lupins,
  • canned, stuffed, smoked, salted meats, salted fish,
  • sauces, concentrated broths, pre-made foods,
  • coffee, black tea and green tea.

In the presence of two diseases with food conditioning such as celiac disease and diabetes, for example, or high cholesterol, for example, it is essential to follow a nutritionist.

The food suitable for diabetics with cholesterol high are natural and fresh foods like fruits and vegetables raw or cooked and preparations to avoid oil, butter, sauces with cream or even tomato sauce concentrate. Consuming the least amount possible or no pre-made food.

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