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What to eat when you’re hungry all the time

Being hungry all the time is a relatively common problem that usually is not a sign of a health problem, being only related to poor eating habits that end up contributing to weight gain.

For this reason, there are foods that can be used in the diet to try to decrease the feeling of hunger and control the feeling of being hungry all the time. These foods are mainly those rich in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits or whole grains, because when they reach the stomach they form a kind of gel that delays digestion, making the urge to eat appear later.

However, if even adapting these changes in the diet, the desire to eat continues to be very recurrent, one should consult a nutritionist or a general practitioner to identify if there is any health problem that is causing this desire. See what are the top 5 problems that can cause hunger that does not go away .

6 best foods to control hunger

Some good examples of practical foods for those who are hungry all the time are:

1. Oatmeal

Porridge promotes satiety and can be eaten for breakfast or snacks. For those who do not like porridge, an excellent option is to add oats to other foods, such as yogurt, for example.

Here’s a simple recipe for making delicious oatmeal porridge .

2. Brown bread with egg

The egg has protein, which requires a slower digestion, and brown bread takes away more hunger than white bread, as it is richer in fibers that need to be digested longer.

This is a great option to be consumed for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

3. Brown rice with turkey breast

This is a very satisfying solution for dinner or lunch. Brown rice contains more fiber than white rice and turkey breast is very rich in proteins that take longer to digest.

To this recipe can also be added a piece of white cheese, such as minas cheese, which besides being delicious contains little fat and a good amount of protein.

4. Cooked pumpkin

Pumpkin is a very tasty food that contains few calories, as well as being very rich in fiber. For these reasons it is a great option to be added to hot or cold dishes, baked or boiled, in any meal.

5. Banana

Rich in pectin, the banana is a cold that covers the stomach and promotes a feeling of well-being. Because it is small and easy to transport, it is ideal for snacks, but you cannot overdo it because, on average, each has 90 calories.

Learn about the calorie amounts of different fruits .

6. Lemonade

Although it is a less conventional option to reduce hunger, lemonade takes away the desire to eat sweets and treats hunger. But for that, it should not be sweetened with sugar, stevia being a better solution.

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