7 foods that help you get out of depression faster

Foods such as spinach, bananas, tomatoes and nuts are some of the foods that can help to get out of depression, as they will complete the treatment helping to increase the levels of Serotonin in the blood, a brain hormone responsible for happiness, well-being, feeling of pleasure and emotional stability.

In people with depression, the levels of this hormone are usually extremely low, and it is essential for the treatment of depression to help the body increase the production of this hormone. See the main symptoms of depression in How to differentiate sadness from depression .

Banana and Avocado

Banana and avocado are foods that help to increase the levels of Serotonin in the body, as they are foods rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the formation of serotonin and provides a feeling of well-being. These foods should be consumed early in the morning if possible, so that their effect lasts throughout the day.

Pineapple and Plum

Pineapple and niche are two other foods rich in tryptophan, which help in the formation of serotonin in the body, helping to reduce the intensity of mood and emotional disorders, characteristic of depressive states.

In addition, pineapple is a food rich in water that facilitates digestion and plum is a food rich in fiber that works as a natural laxative, which makes these foods help to regulate the intestine, preventing constipation. Constipation is a problem that can affect people with depression, since there is a tendency to lose weight, and sometimes the diet is less healthy and less balanced.


Tomato is an excellent food that helps to increase Serotonin levels and fight depression, in addition to being a food rich in lycopene and antioxidants, which helps to promote psychological well-being and physical health. In addition, some studies also indicate that tomatoes help prevent the onset of depression and depressive symptoms.


Walnuts are a food rich in tryptophan and omega 6, which helps them in the formation of serotonin and helps to improve the functioning of the brain, thus contributing to mental health.


Spinach is a food that helps to regulate mood, sleep and appetite, which helps to decrease the symptoms of depression, since among the main symptoms of this disease is depressed mood, loss of appetite and problems with sleep like insomnia. See which recipes can be prepared with spinach in Spinach to fight depression .

All these foods should be eaten throughout the day, in small portions and their consumption must always be accompanied by a nutritionist. In addition, chocolate is another food that increases the production of Serotonin, providing a feeling of well-being and pleasure. However, this food should be consumed in moderation, being recommended only 1 box a day.

Depression is a difficult disease to fight, which requires great effort, dedication and patience and in addition to treatment with antidepressant drugs such as Fluoxetine or Sertraline and psychotherapy sessions with the psychologist, food can also be a strong ally that can help overcome this problem.

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