Foods rich in Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2, which is also called riboflavin, is part of the B vitamins and can be found mainly in milk and its derivatives, such as cheese and yogurt, as well as being present in foods such as liver, mushrooms, soy and egg .

This vitamin has benefits for the body such as stimulating blood production, maintaining proper metabolism, promoting growth, and preventing problems in the nervous system and vision, such as cataracts. See other functions here.

Amount of vitamin B2 in food

The following table shows the main food sources of vitamin B2 and the amount of this vitamin in each 100 g of food.

Food (100g) Amount of vitamin B2 Energy
Boiled beef liver 2,69 mg 140 kcal
Whole milk 0,24 mg 260 kcal
Minas Frescal Cheese 0,25 mg 264 kcal
Natural yogurt 0,22 mg 51 kcal
Brewer’s yeast 4,3 mg 345 kcal
Rolled oats 0,1 mg 366 kcal
Almonds 1 mg 640 kcal
Boiled egg 0,3 mg 157 kcal
Spinach 0,13 mg 67 kcal
Cooked pork loin 0,07 mg 210 calories

Thus, as there are several foods rich in vitamin B2 that are easily included in the diet, normally the deficiency of this vitamin is related to cases of anorexia or malnutrition, which are problems where the general food intake is greatly reduced.

Recommended daily amount

The vitamin B2 recommendation for healthy adult men is 1.3 mg per day, while for women the amount should be 1.1 mg.

When consumed in smaller quantities or in the face of major health problems such as surgery and burns, the lack of vitamin B2 can cause complications such as mouth sores, tired eyesight and decreased growth. See the symptoms of lack of vitamin B2 in the body.

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