5 Worst Foods for Diabetes

Sausage, caipirinha and pasta are some of the worst foods for people with diabetes because they are rich in carbohydrates that increase the blood sugar. However, those who do not yet have diabetes should also not consume these foods in excess because they increase a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Thus, the worst foods for those who have diabetes are:

1. Sweets

Like candy, chocolate, pudding or mousse it contains a lot of sugar, being a good source of fast energy for most people, but in case of diabetes, as this energy does not reach the cells and is only accumulated in the blood, they can appear complications.

Healthy exchange: Choose fruits with peel and bagasse as dessert or diet sweets in small quantities, a maximum of 2 times a week. See this incredible dessert for diabetics .

2. Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and potatoes are converted to blood sugar, which is why the same thing happens when eating a candy, without any whole source at the same time.

Healthy exchange: Always opt for brown rice and pasta because they are beneficial because they have less sugar and, consequently, lower glycemic index. See noodle recipe for diabetes .

3. Processed meats

Like bacon, salami, sausage, sausage and bologna, which are made with red meats and food additives, which contain chemicals that are toxic to the body, favoring the onset of diabetes. Sodium nitrate and nitrosamines are the two main substances present in these foods that cause damage to the pancreas, which over time stops working properly.

The usual consumption of processed meat, especially ham, also leads to increased inflammation in the body and increased oxidative stress, which are factors that also predispose the disease.

Healthy exchange: Opt for a slice of unsalted white cheese.

4. Packet snacks

Cookies and packet snacks such as potato chips, doritos and fandangos contain food additives and sodium which are also not suitable for people with diabetes because they increase the risk of hypertension. In diabetics there is a change in blood vessels that facilitates the accumulation of fatty plaques inside, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and when consuming this type of food, this risk increases even more.

Healthy exchange: Opt for snacks prepared at home with baked sweet potato chips. Check the recipe here .

5. Alcoholic beverages

Beer and caipirinha are also bad choices because beer dehydrates and increases the concentration of sugar in the blood and caipirinha besides being made with a derivative of sugar cane still takes more sugar, being totally advised against in case of diabetes.

Healthy exchange: Opt for 1 glass of red wine eventually, because it contains resveratrol that benefits the cardiovascular system. Check it out: Drinking 1 glass of wine a day helps prevent heart attack .

In diabetics, the consumption of these foods can be serious because glucose, which is the main source of energy that cells need to work, is not absorbed and continues to accumulate in the blood because insulin is not effective or is not present in sufficient quantity and it is responsible for capturing glucose, placing it inside the cells.

Because the diabetic needs to eat well

Diabetics need to eat well, avoiding everything that can be turned into blood sugar because they don’t have enough insulin to put all the glucose (blood sugar) inside the cells and that’s why you have to be so careful with what you eat , because practically everything can turn into blood sugar and it will accumulate, lacking energy so that the cells can work.

Thus, to control diabetes and ensure that all glucose reaches the cells, it is necessary:

  • Decrease the amount of sugar that gets into the blood and
  • Ensuring that the existing insulin is really efficient in its job of putting sugar into cells.

This can be achieved through proper nutrition and the use of medications such as insulin, in case of type 1 diabetes, or metformin, in case of type 2 diabetes, for example.

But there is no point in eating badly thinking that the drugs will be enough to guarantee the entry of glucose into the cells because this is a daily adjustment and the amount of insulin needed to take the sugar that an apple took into the blood is not the same as needed to take the sugar that a brigadier provided.

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