10 Foods That Make You Hungry Quickly

Some foods, especially those that are rich in sugar, white flour and salt, give a quick feeling of satiety at the moment, but that soon passes and is replaced by hunger and a new desire to eat even more.

So, here are 10 foods that make you hungry quickly, so you can avoid this discomfort and use strategies that will make you more satiated for longer.

1. Sweets

Foods high in sugar cause the blood glucose to rise rapidly and then decrease, which leaves no time for the feeling of satiety to reach the brain. Thus, shortly after consuming sweets, hunger returns and a new meal will have to be eaten.

To prevent this problem, avoid the consumption of sweets or prefer dark chocolate, which has more cocoa and less sugar. Leaving to eat the candy only for dessert is also a great strategy.

2. White bread

Wheat flour, the main ingredient in white bread, has an effect similar to that of sugar, activating little the satiety hormone and making hunger come back faster.

Therefore, one should prefer whole grain breads, rich in grains and whole flour, as the fibers present in these ingredients increase satiety and improve intestinal transit.

3. Industrialized soups

Industrialized soups are rich in artificial preservatives and sodium, which causes fluid retention and bloating, not bringing nutrients, giving energy and feeding the body, and so hunger returns shortly after taking the soup.

Therefore, you should prefer to make soups at home with fresh vegetables and use little salt, being able to freeze small portions of soup to take on the days that you are racing against the clock, to invest in a healthy meal and satiate you for longer.

4. Packet snacks

The packaged snacks are rich in salt, causing a state of dehydration in the body, which confuses the brain with the feeling of hunger. Thus, the sign of lack of water is interpreted as a lack of food, and hunger returns shortly thereafter.

The solution is to avoid eating these cookies and snacks by preferring less salty foods, like popcorn, for example.

5. Morning Cereal

Most breakfast cereals are high in sugar and low in fiber, making the satiety signal not reach the brain. For this reason, whole or cereals made from oats should be preferred, and fibers such as wheat bran may also be added to the cereal, as this brings more satiety. See the Benefits of Wheat Bran .

6. Fruit juice

Fruit juices, especially industrialized and strained ones, bring only the sugar of the fruits, not containing the fibers of fresh fruits, and for this reason make hunger come back faster. Therefore, it should be preferred to consume fresh fruit instead of juice, also adding whole grains such as oats to increase the nutrient content and satiety power of the meal.

Leaving to eat the fruit as a dessert is also a great option to control satiety and avoid hunger out of time.

7. Diet soft drinks

Diet sodas and foods rich in artificial sweeteners activate the sweet taste in the mouth and the body prepares to receive nutrients, which in fact do not arrive because this type of food is usually low in calories, vitamins and minerals.

Thus, the body is deceived and soon afterwards realizes this, causing hunger to return as a request for real nutritious food.

8. Fast food

Fast foods are rich in fats, white flour and salt, a perfect combination so that the stimulus of satiety does not reach the brain.

After a meal with fast food, the stomach becomes bloated because the sizes served are large, but shortly afterward the excess of salt gives rise to thirst, which is usually mistaken for hunger, and more calories will be consumed to supply this “new hunger”.

9. Sushi

Sushi is made mainly of white rice, containing little protein and almost no fiber, nutrients that would bring satiety to the body.

In addition, the soy sauce used during the meal is rich in salt, which will increase the need for fluids to dilute the sodium in the body, and thus increase thirst and hunger quickly.

10. Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol causes a state of dehydration in the body and reduces blood sugar, which causes the release of hunger hormones.

Therefore, when consuming alcoholic beverages one should always maintain good hydration, drinking 1 glass of water between doses of alcohol and preferring snacks rich in protein and good fats, such as cheese cubes and olives.

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