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Healthy eating for physical activity

Healthy eating for physical activity should take into account the type and intensity of the athlete’s physical and objective wear.

However, generally, before training you should give preference to carbohydrates with low glycemic index so that, in addition to providing the necessary energy, reduce hunger during training. After training it is advisable to eat foods with a high glycemic index such as bread, jam, honey, guava for quick energy replacement and improvement of muscle recovery.

1. Before training – ingest carbohydrates

Between 20 and 30 minutes before exercising, one of the following options should be eaten :

  • 200 ml of fruit smoothie with natural yogurt (with cereals to make it more energetic);
  • 250 ml pear juice;
  • 1 bowl of gelatin with yogurt.

Before starting training it is important to eat carbohydrates, so that the body does not use muscles as a source of energy, avoiding eating hard foods like bread and cheese, which need more time for digestion.

2. After training – eating protein

Up to a maximum of 30 minutes after exercise you should eat one of the following options :

  • Eggnog: composed of egg, yogurt and little sugar;
  • Yogurt or milk with fresh cheese or turkey ham;
  • Tuna salad.

After training, it is important to ingest proteins to enhance the reconstruction and growth of muscle mass, requiring in some cases the use of protein food supplements .

The amounts to ingest depend on the intensity of the physical activity practiced, so it is important to consult with a nutritionist. For example, if the exercise is of high intensity and for more than an hour it may be necessary to use a sports drink during training to replace electrolytes.

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