How is a humanized delivery

Humanized delivery is the most natural way to have the baby. It allows women to have control over which position they feel most comfortable having the baby in, whether they want to have the baby in the pool or in bed, and all other details of the evolution of their delivery such as the type of anesthesia or the presence of relatives.

During a humanized delivery, the obstetrician and her team need to be available to ensure the safety of the mother and baby even when the pregnant woman wants little or no medical intervention during delivery.

In addition, even if the delivery has to be done by cesarean section, the pregnant woman can have a humanized delivery as long as the medical team guarantees the comfort and tranquility of the pregnant woman during the surgery and the immediate contact between the mother and the baby after birth .

Advantages of humanized delivery

The main advantage of humanized childbirth is to make the moment of birth a pleasant, comfortable and peaceful experience for both mother and baby.

Thus, in a humanized delivery, the stress level is reduced, with benefits for the mother and the baby, because the woman does not need to lie in bed if she does not want to, and can decide what to do in the bedroom, such as listening music, walking, doing gymnastics and even how to reduce pain.

In addition, humanized delivery provides a faster bond between the mother and baby, facilitating the initiation of the breastfeeding process and the presence of the father helps in reducing the risk of postpartum depression.

Disadvantages of humanized delivery

There are no disadvantages for humanized delivery because in any situation the safety of the mother and baby is guaranteed, so that the delivery experience is pleasant and not traumatic for the family and the baby to be born.

Thus, humanized childbirth is not contraindicated for any type of pregnancy as it is the woman’s right to have the most comfortable experience during labor.

Why should one avoid having a humanized birth at home?

Delivery should be done in a hospital environment. At home, even when all conditions for normal birth are present and favorable, during labor, emergency situations may arise in which the presence of a doctor or specific material is necessary to save the baby’s life or even mom.

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