How to Avoid Stoned Milk

To avoid stoned milk, it is recommended that always after the baby suckles check if there has been complete emptying of the breasts. If the breast has not been completely emptied by the baby, you can express the milk manually or with the help of a breast pump. In addition, using a good breastfeeding bra and placing absorbent pads suitable for this stage can help to better accommodate the breast and thus prevent the milk from getting stuck.

Stoned milk, also called breast engorgement, is caused by incomplete emptying of the breasts, which leads to inflammation of the mammary glands and symptoms such as very full and hard breasts, discomfort in the breasts and leakage of milk. Breast engorgement can happen at any stage of breastfeeding, being more common between the second and third days after the baby is born. Understand what breast engorgement is and main symptoms.

Stoned milk is not bad for the baby but it can make it difficult for the baby to get the breast properly. What you can do is remove a little milk manually or with the breast pump until the breast is more malleable and then put the baby to breastfeed. See what to do to treat cobbled milk.

How to prevent

Some attitudes that can help prevent breast engorgement are:

  1. Do not delay breastfeeding, that is, put the baby to breastfeed as soon as she is able to properly bite the breast;
  2. Breastfeed whenever the baby wants or every 3 hours;
  3. Removing milk with a breast pump or with your hands, if there is a lot of milk production or milk is difficult;
  4. Do an ice pack after the baby has finished breastfeeding to reduce inflammation of the breast;
  5. Place warm compresses on the breasts to make the milk more fluid and facilitate its exit;
  6. Avoid using dietary supplements, as there may be an increase in milk production;
  7. Make sure the baby is emptying the breast after each breastfeeding.

It is also important to massage the breasts to help guide the bed through the breast canals and become more fluid, avoiding stony milk. See how to do the massage for the stony breasts.

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