8 simple strategies to prevent mosquito bites

To protect yourself from diseases such as yellow fever, dengue fever, Zika and discomfort caused by mosquito bites, what you can do is use repellent, eat raw garlic and bet on citronella.

These measures should be taken whenever possible, being especially important in regions where mosquitoes are more present, such as near rivers, lakes, culverts or valleys, especially in the hottest months of the year. 

The best ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes are: 

1. Eat 1 raw garlic

You should eat 1 clove of raw garlic a day, at least 10 days before going camping near a river, for example. This will make the body eliminate an odor that is not normally felt by people but that is enough to keep mosquitoes away.

2. Bet on vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, like garlic, alters body odor, keeping mosquitoes away. It is possible to eat foods rich in this vitamin, such as beer yeast and Brazil nuts or take a vitamin B1 supplement that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

3. Use repellent

A good insect repellent should be applied to all exposed areas, not forgetting the face, back of the hands and also the ears. You can also choose to make a homemade repellent by placing a camphor pebble inside 1 pack of alcohol and spraying on exposed areas. Learn how to prepare a homemade repellent .

4. Light a citronella candle 

The aroma of citronella keeps mosquitoes away naturally, so by lighting an aromatic candle it is possible to keep mosquitoes away so you can sleep peacefully. A good tip is to plant citronella in the backyard or buy a citronella essential oil and put it in the house lamps, so that the heat produced by them releases the aroma of citronella, keeping mosquitoes away.

Meet some  plants that keep mosquitoes away and still decorate the house . 

5. Wear thin clothes

The ideal is to wear long-sleeved blouses and long pants with very thin fabric so as not to feel heat, and always light colors, because the dark colors attract mosquitoes. This can be a good way to get some rest, and to use less mosquito repellent. 

6. Protect yourself after sunset

The sunset time is the time when mosquitoes bite the most, so to protect yourself, it is advisable to avoid leaving the house when it gets dark.

7. Use screens on doors and windows 

Protecting the environment inside the house or in the camp tent is essential to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. But for this strategy to work, great care must be taken when entering and leaving the house, because mosquitoes can enter at that time. 

Another possibility is to place a mosquito net around the bed or crib to get a safe sleep. Spraying some insecticide on this screen can also be a good strategy to reinforce protection. 

8. Use a mosquito killer racket 

Although it is a more difficult tip to practice, an electronic racket can also be used to eliminate visible mosquitoes.

If even following these tips, a mosquito can bite, to relieve the pain and itching, you can wash the area with cold water and put a small piece of ice in the exact location of the bite, which reduces the pain and soothes the skin, providing quickly relieve symptoms.

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