How to brush a bedridden person’s teeth

Brushing the teeth of a bedridden person and knowing the correct technique for doing so, in addition to facilitating the caregiver’s work, is also very important to prevent the development of cavities and other mouth problems that can cause bleeding gums and worsen the general condition person’s.

It is advisable to brush your teeth after each meal and after using oral remedies, such as pills or syrups, for example, as food and some medications facilitate the development of bacteria in the mouth. However, the recommended minimum is to brush your teeth in the morning and at night. In addition, a soft bristle brush should be used to avoid damaging the gums.

4 steps to brush your teeth

Before starting the technique for brushing your teeth, you should sit on the bed or lift your back with a pillow, to avoid the risk of choking on toothpaste or saliva. Then follow the step-by-step:

1. Place a towel over the person’s chest and a small empty basin in the lap, so that the person can throw the paste away if necessary.

2. Apply about 1 cm of toothpaste on the brush, which corresponds approximately to the size of the little finger nail.

3. Wash your teeth on the outside, inside and on top, not forgetting to clean your cheeks and tongue.

4. Ask the person to spit the excess toothpaste into the basin. However, even if the person swallows the excess paste, there is no problem whatsoever.

In cases where the person is unable to spit or has no teeth, the brushing technique should be done by replacing the brush with a spatula, or a straw, with a sponge on the tip and the toothpaste for a little mouthwash, such as Cepacol or Listerine, mixed in 1 glass of water.

List of required material

The material needed to brush the teeth of a person who is bedridden includes:

  • 1 soft bristle brush;
  • 1 toothpaste;
  • 1 empty basin;
  • 1 small towel.

If the person does not have all the teeth or has a prosthesis that is not fixed, it may also be necessary to use a spatula with a sponge on the tip, or compresses, to replace the brush to clean the gums and cheeks, without hurting.

In addition, dental floss must also be used to remove residues between the teeth, allowing for more complete oral hygiene.

How to Clean the Denture of a Bedridden Person

To brush the denture, you must carefully remove it from the person’s mouth and wash it with a harder bristle brush and toothpaste to remove all the dirt. Then the dentures should be rinsed with clean water and put back in the person’s mouth.

In addition, it is important not to forget to clean the person’s gums and cheeks with a spatula with a soft sponge on the tip, and a little mouthwash diluted in 1 glass of water, before putting the prosthesis back in the mouth.

During the night, if it is necessary to remove the denture, it should be placed in a glass of clean water without adding any type of cleaning product or alcohol. The water must be changed every day to avoid the accumulation of microorganisms that can infect the dentures and cause problems in the mouth. Learn more about how to care for dentures .

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