When to start brushing baby’s teeth

The baby’s teeth start to grow, more or less, from 6 months of age, however, it is important to start taking care of the baby’s mouth soon after birth, to avoid bottle decay, which is more frequent when the baby drinks milk at night and then goes to sleep without washing his mouth, or when the parents sweeten the baby’s pacifier to sleep.

Thus, until the baby’s first teeth are born, the gums, cheeks and tongue should be cleaned with a damp cloth or gauze, at least twice a day, but especially before putting the baby to sleep. A proper fingertip can also be used, but it is only recommended after 3 months of age.

How to do after the birth of the first teeth

1. Before the first year of age

After the baby’s first teeth are born and until he is 1 year old, it is advisable to brush his teeth with a toothbrush suitable for his age, which must be soft, with a small head and a big fist.

2. After one year of age

From 1 year of age, you should brush your baby’s teeth with your own brush and toothpaste suitable for babies, which has less fluoride concentration, as other toothpastes have more fluoride which can leave white spots on the teeth baby, in addition to running the risk of swallowing this fluoride. Learn how to choose the best toothpaste .

To brush the baby’s teeth, put the amount of toothpaste that would fit on the baby’s little finger nail, on the brush and brush all the teeth, front and back, being careful not to hurt.

When the baby is able to hold the brush by himself and brush his teeth, parents should let him brush them, to get used to it, however, they should brush again at the end to ensure that they are clean.

The baby’s toothbrush should be changed every 3 to 4 months or when the bristles are worn, as they can hurt the gums.

How to clean baby’s tongue

It is also very important to clean the baby’s tongue and gums, about 2 times a day, right from birth, because it is in this region that most bacteria accumulate in the food accumulate.

From birth to the appearance of the first tooth, cleaning the tongue and gums should be done with the help of a gauze wet with water, with gentle movements, preferably in movements from the inside to the outside of the mouth.

When the first tooth appears, between 4 and 6 months of age, you can use gauze moistened with water or your own finger, with a little age-appropriate toothpaste, also cleaning the gums and from the inside to the outside.

How often to brush your teeth

The baby’s teeth should be brushed, preferably after meals. However, as it is not always possible to brush your teeth after every meal, it is recommended to brush them at least twice a day, the last one before going to sleep.

In addition, the child must go to the dentist at least once a year to check that the teeth are growing correctly and that they are not developing cavities. 

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