How to control Leptin and lose weight for good

Leptin is a hormone produced by the body’s fat cells and has the function of regulating body weight through appetite.

Normally when the body has a lot of fat cells, leptin decreases appetite, which causes the individual to eat less. However, in many cases the leptin’s performance is altered and this does not happen and therefore, even if there is a lot of accumulated fat, the body continues to ‘ask for more energy’, by increasing the appetite. See what is the genetic disease in which leptin deficiency and hunger increase.

Knowing how to improve leptin performance can be a good strategy to lose weight once and for all.

Tips to control Leptin and lose weight for good

Some tips that can help control leptin and lose weight are:

  • Weight loss slowly and thoughtfully : This way leptin can act normally because when there is a sudden big weight loss, leptin increases appetite and it becomes more difficult to stick to the diet. By gradually losing weight, leptin can work properly and appetite control is easier.
  • Follow a healthy diet : This way the body receives all the necessary nutrients and there is a natural tendency to decrease appetite. Following a diet that only reduces calorie intake is dangerous and may not give the expected result, because the body understands that nutrients are lacking and therefore there is an increase in appetite, making any diet difficult.

Following these precautions makes it easier to lose weight because the limits of the body are respected. To facilitate weight loss it is also important to exercise regularly, because this way the body spends the accumulated energy and there is release of endorphins in the bloodstream, promoting well-being.

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