How to control the urge to eat at dawn

To control the urge to eat at dawn, one should try to eat regularly during the day to avoid hunger at night, have fixed times to wake up and lie down for the body to have an adequate rhythm, and use techniques to prevent insomnia, such as take teas that help you sleep.

The person who usually has changed meal times, eating mainly at night and at dawn, may have the Night Eating Syndrome. This syndrome is also called Night Eating Syndrome and is linked to greater chances of having problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Tips to control the urge to eat at dawn

Some tips to control the urge to eat at dawn are:

  • Make a small snack before bed, such as low-fat yogurt and 3-4 cookies without filling;
  • Take teas that calm and facilitate sleep, such as chamomile or lemon balm tea;
  • Take light snacks like fruits and simple cookies to bed, to eat if you wake up willingly;
  • Do physical activity in the early evening, to make the body tired and facilitate sleep;
  • Take passion fruit juice during dinner.

If you work at night, know what to eat at: Working at night adds weight .

How to know if it is the Night Eating Syndrome

People with Night Eating Syndrome have symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty eating in the morning;
  • Eat more than half the calories of the day after 7 pm, with a greater intake between 10 pm and 6 am;
  • Waking up at least once a night to eat;
  • Difficulty sleeping and staying asleep;
  • High stress level;
  • Depression.

People with this syndrome also tend to eat more calories than healthy people, so the risk of obesity is higher.

The diagnosis of Night Eating Syndrome is difficult to make because one must observe the individual’s behavior and there is no specific test for the diagnosis. These individuals, when evaluated, usually report that they cannot go back to sleep without eating and are aware of what they eat.

There is still no specific treatment for Night Eating Syndrome, but in general the individual should undergo behavioral psychotherapy to improve the habit of waking up at night to eat, and some medications can be used to improve insomnia and mood, reducing symptoms of depression.

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