How to decrease the volume of hair

To reduce the volume of hair it is important to use products suitable for bulky hair, as they contain substances that help to reduce frizz and volume, also helping to give shine to hair strands.

In addition, cutting hair is also essential to reduce the volume of hair strands, as well as drying the hair, which should preferably be natural.

Many women resort to straightening so that their hair is better behaved and less bulky, be it with flat iron or chemicals, but there are also natural ways to decrease the volume of hair, such as:

1. Use your own shampoo and conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners for bulky hair help to decrease the volume of hair while washing. Some examples are the Frizz Control from the Wella Pro Series, the No Frizz from Beauty, the Smooth and Silky line from TRESemm√©, the Quera-Liso line from Elseve and the Volume Reducer line from Vizcaya.

2. Apply a leave-in after washing

The leave-in is a product that can be used after washing the hair and is responsible for making the hair more shiny, hydrated and with less frizz, thus reducing the volume. Some examples are the Absolut Repair by L \ ‘Oreal, the Ciment Thermique Kerastase Resistence or the K√©rastase Oil Relax Leave In.

3. Use a wooden comb with wide teeth

The wooden comb with wide teeth does not leave the hair electric and frizzy and, therefore, helps to reduce the volume. In addition, it can untangle the hair more quickly and reduces the breakage of the strands.

4. Dry your hair naturally

The hair must dry naturally, as dryers electrify and damage the hair. However, if you need to dry your hair with a dryer, you should use the dryer at a distance of approximately 15 cm and with cold air, positioning it from top to bottom.

Finally, you can iron the flat iron, which removes the volume a lot. But first, you should apply a thermoprotective cream to prevent the hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

5. Do a hydration twice a month

Hydration helps to close the hair cuticles, helping to decrease the volume of hair. Hydration should be done twice a month. Find out what homemade masks are for moisturizing different types of hair.

Hydration also influences the hair growth process. Performing a hydration every 15 days makes the strands stronger, making the hair grow more beautiful and without damage. See 7 tips for hair to grow faster.

6. Cut your hair into layers

Cutting hair is also important because cutting in layers takes volume away from the hair. In addition, the shorter the hair, the more volume it will have.

In the last case, you can straighten your hair, because straightening is one of the ways to drastically reduce the volume. However, if curly hair is desired, certain treatments such as laser straightening and the progressive chocolate brush, when performed at low concentrations, can decrease volume and frizz by up to 60% without straightening the hair. Here’s how to straighten your hair.

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