How to develop a sense of rhythm and balance in babies

To develop a sense of rhythm and balance in babies, parents can do some activities such as:

  • Place the baby sitting on your lap or lying on your back on your knees and rock him from side to side always holding the baby firmly so that he feels safe;
  • Lay the baby face down on a pillow and holding it, pull the pillow from side to side, back and forth and rotate it in a complete turn, always looking at the baby;
  • Hold the baby with his belly down, count to 3 and in number 3 raise your arms raising the baby until it is above your head, turning it and walking with it like this, while making the noise of an airplane engine, for example.

These games can be made for babies older than 3 months and stimulate balance and rhythm, as well as head control, preparing them to crawl and walk.

Children’s swings are also very attractive for children and swinging develops their sense of rhythm, favoring and expanding the connections between brain neurons.

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