Points Diet Calculator

The Points Diet is based mainly on the calories of the food, and each person has a certain number of points that they can consume during the day, counting how much each food is worth. Thus, consumption throughout the day must be planned according to this score, and virtually any type of food can be consumed.

To have a good monitoring of the points, it is necessary to write down all the foods and the quantities consumed during the day, which also helps to reflect on what is eaten and learn to better combine healthier foods, which normally spend less points on the diet.

How to calculate the number of points allowed

The amount of points allowed for each person to consume throughout the day varies according to sex, height, weight and the type of physical activity practiced.

Step 1:

The first calculation is made to know the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), according to the following formulas:


  • 10 to 18 years: Weight x 12.2 + 746
  • 18 to 30 years: Weight x 14.7 + 496
  • 30 to 60 years: Weight x 8.7 + 829
  • Over 60 years: Weight x 10.5 + 596


  • 10 to 18 years: Weight x 17.5 + 651
  • 18 to 30 years: Weight x 15.3 + 679
  • 30 to 60 years: Weight x 8.7 + 879
  • Over 60+: Weight x 13.5 + 487

Step 2:

After this calculation, it is necessary to add the expense with physical activity, because those who practice some exercise are entitled to consume more points in the diet. For this, it is necessary to multiply the value obtained from the TMB by the physical activity factor, according to the table below:

ManWomanPhysical activity
1,21,2Sedentary: does not practice any physical activity
1,31,3Sporadic exercises at least 3x per week
1,351,4Exercises 3x per week, for at least 30 min
1,451,5Exercises 3x a week for more than an hour
1,501,60Daily exercises, lasting from 1h to 3h
1,71,8Daily exercises lasting more than 3 hours

Thus, a 40-year-old woman with 60 kg, for example, has a BMR of 1401 kcal, and if she practices physical activity at least 3x / week, she will have a total expenditure of 1401 x 1.35 = 1891 kcal.

Step 3:

After finding out how many calories you expend throughout the day, you need to calculate how many points you are allowed to consume to lose weight. To do this, divide the total calories by 3.6, which is the total points needed to maintain weight. Thus, to lose weight, it is necessary to reduce 200 to 300 points of the total obtained.

In the example given by the 40-year-old woman, the calculation looks like this: 1891 / 3.6 = 525 points. To lose weight, she will have to reduce 200 points of that total, leaving 525 – 200 = 325 points.

Number of points for each food

In the points diet, each food has a certain point value that must be counted throughout the day. For example, vegetables like radish, tomato and chard are worth 0 points, while vegetables like pumpkin, beets and carrots are worth 10 points. The juices vary between 0 and 40 points, while 200 ml of soft drink is worth 24 points. French bread, for example, costs 40 points, the same value as 1 small unit of sweet potato.

Thus, in this diet all foods are released, and the main care must be taken not to exceed the total points allowed per day. However, eating a balanced diet with healthier foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole foods, allows the consumption of a greater amount of food, which gives a greater feeling of satiety and leaves hunger for a longer time. To access a complete list of foods and points, click: Table of foods for the points diet .

Points diet rules

In addition to respecting the total points allowed per day, to achieve weight loss with this diet it is also necessary to follow some rules, such as:

  • Do not exceed the amount of daily points;
  • Do not overdo the food intake;
  • Do not fast and do not skimp on points one day to use them on the next;
  • Do not eat less points than the recommended minimum;
  • Do not eat more than 5 foods classified as zero points per day;
  • When you exercise, you earn extra points, but they can only be spent on the same day;
  • Do not eat less than 230 points a day;
  • After losing 5 kg you must recalculate the amount of points that you can ingest per day.

The stitch diet can be done at home, alone or accompanied.

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