Know what to eat to NOT get fat (Without going hungry)

To eat well and healthy outside the home, simple preparations should be preferred, without sauces, and always include salad and fruit in the main meals. Avoiding restaurants with carvery and self-service and sharing sweet desserts, are good tips to avoid excess calories, which is especially important to avoid the “yo-yo effect” after being able to lose weight with a planned diet. 

1. How to choose the main dish better

The ideal main dish should contain the following foods:

  • Protein: preference should be given to fish and lean meats, such as chicken and turkey. To reduce the calories of meat, you must remove the skins from chicken and fish and the visible fats from the meat, in addition to avoiding fried foods and breaded products;
  • Carbohydrate: rice, pasta or potato;
  • Legumes: beans, corn, peas, chickpeas or soybeans;
  • Salad: preference should be given to raw salads and, if possible, eat the salad before starting the main course, as it will reduce hunger and increase the feeling of satiety.

It is also important to avoid adding caloric dressings to the salad, such as mayonnaise, and not to add snacks to the meal such as shrimp, olives and small toasts.

2. What are the healthiest sauces

The best choices for sauces are tomato sauce, vinaigrette and pepper sauce, as they are rich in anti-oxidant vitamins and add few calories to the dish. Sauces with sour cream and cheese should be avoided.

3. What is the best drink

Preferably, drink water, as it will help fill your stomach and satisfy your desire to drink fluids during your meal without adding any calories. Other healthy options are juices and iced teas without sugar. Natural versions of beverages should also be preferred, as industrialized products contain dyes and preservatives that can be toxic to the body when ingested in large quantities.

4. Ideal dessert

The ideal dessert is fruit. In addition to the sweet taste, fruits moisturize and provide vitamins and minerals that will help with proper digestion and contribute to the proper functioning of the body. If the desire for sweets is uncontrollable, a good tip is to share the dessert with someone

5. Best snack choices

When making snacks outside the home, prefer fruit smoothies, fruit salads, jellies, natural juices or yoghurts with seeds such as oats and flaxseeds. If you want something more, bread with butter or white cheese and lettuce is the best choice. If savory foods are the only option, one should prefer those baked in the oven and avoid frying and puff pastry. See more examples of quick and easy healthy snacks at: healthy snack .

6. Tips for not overdoing it when eating out

Some great tips for not eating too much, consuming more calories than necessary, are:

  • Don’t gain calories from what you don’t like. If you are not a fan of sausage, for example, don’t put it on your plate just because it looks good or because someone said that the sausage in that restaurant is wonderful;
  • In the pizzeria, you should avoid the stuffed edges, the extra catupiry and the flavors that bring bacon and sausage, as they are caloric sources that can be replaced by healthier ingredients, such as mushrooms and fruits;
  • Go ahead in the self-service line, so your colleagues won’t influence you with their choices;
  • In the Japanese restaurant, you should avoid fried versions of the preparations, such as hot roll, guiozá, tempura;
  • You should try to take the snacks from home, as this makes it easier to make a healthy choice and avoid the temptations of the cafeteria.

It is also important to avoid ready-made industrialized meals, as they are rich in preservatives and flavor enhancing products, which can cause irritation in the intestine and even cancer.

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