How to end cellulite in the legs, glutes, and thighs

To be able to permanently eliminate cellulite it will be necessary to adapt the diet and exercise, adopting these practices as a new lifestyle that should be followed forever, so that cellulite after being eliminated does not return. But for extra help there are several creams and aesthetic treatments that can be used against cellulite with great results. 

The first step is to identify the degree of cellulite you have and its locations by taking pictures to be able to compare the evolution of the results. It is normal for women to have varying degrees of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, and for this reason, the aesthetic treatment can be done in the form of a protocol that involves 1 or more treatments. 

Grade 1 cellulite

The treatment for cellulite grade 1, which is the one perceived when the skin is pressed, can be done at home with a weekly exfoliation with coffee grounds and the application of creams for cellulite, such as Liposyne by Vichy or Cellu-sculpt by Avon , 1 to 2 times a day, every day.

To make the homemade treatment for cellulite with coffee just mix a little coffee grounds with a little liquid soap and rub the areas with cellulite, using quick and circular movements. This activates the local blood circulation and drains excess fluids, helping to eliminate cellulite.

Another option is the Beurer cellulite massager, for example, as the massage promotes the stimulation of blood circulation, eliminating cellulite.

Grade 2 cellulite

The treatment for cellulite grade 2, which is characterized by slight ripples on the skin when the woman is standing, can be done with weekly sessions of lymphatic drainage, as it helps to eliminate excess fluids that favor cellulite.

In addition, anti-cellulite creams can also be used daily, such as Savre cellulite-reducing cream or Goodbye Cellulite from NĂ­vea, for example.

Mary Kay’s cellulite treatment is also a great option, as it consists of 2 creams, one to be applied during the day and the other at night, which help fight cellulite, as well as the massager that should also be used in cellulite grade 2.

Grade 3 cellulite

The treatment for grade 3 cellulite, which is characterized by holes in the skin when the woman is standing, can be done with aesthetic treatments such as:

  • 3 Mhz ultrasound or lipocavitation: break down the fat cells that originate cellulite, causing them to be eliminated by the body, also helping to combat sagging, being a great treatment option for cellulite and sagging.
  • Heccus:  promotes the breakdown of fat cells and activates the circulation of the lymphatic system, facilitating muscle strengthening and helping to eliminate cellulite. This is a treatment for cellulite and localized fat and should be done at least 2 times a week, the results of which are visible after 10 sessions.

Whatever the treatment for cellulite grade 3, it must be supplemented with lymphatic drainage to remove the accumulated fluids that are responsible for cellulite.

Grade 4 cellulite

The treatment for cellulite grade 4, which is characterized by flaccidity and holes in the skin that are easily observed in any position, can be done with aesthetic treatments, such as:

  • Electrolipolysis:  a low frequency electrical current is applied through acupuncture needles inserted into the skin that act directly on fat cells, promoting their destruction;
  • Russian current:  electrodes are used to stimulate the involuntary contraction of muscles, leading to their strengthening and toning, which help to eliminate fat and sagging skin;
  • Carboxitherapy:  several injections of carbon dioxide are applied to the skin, which will activate the local blood circulation, promoting tissue oxygenation, fat breakdown and the formation of collagen that is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. See  more about this treatment . 

Lymphatic drainage should also complement the treatment, as well as the exercises to be able to completely eliminate the fat nodules from the treated region. 

Exercises to do at home 

Those who do not have time to exercise daily in a gym can choose to ride a bicycle, rollerblade, walk or run because these exercises also help to fight excess weight, eliminating accumulated fat, contributing to the elimination of cellulite. In addition, you can do the following localized exercises:

Exercise 1 – Squat

Standing, keep your legs slightly apart and bend your knees slightly, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Make the movement as if you were going to sit in a chair and slowly return to the starting position, contracting the butt muscles a lot. Do this exercise for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise for another 1 minute.

Exercise 2 – Pelvic lift

Lying on your back, bend your legs and let your feet flat on the floor. Lift your butt off the ground as far as you can without taking your feet off the floor, contracting your butt muscles a lot. Do this exercise for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise for another 1 minute.

A trainer will be able to indicate a complete series of exercises that can be done in the gym or at home, to improve the quality of life, eliminate fat and enhance the treatment against cellulite and a physiotherapist specialized in dermato functional physiotherapy will be able to evaluate and indicate the most appropriate cellulite treatment individually.

Adequate food 

To combat cellulite it is also important to adapt the diet avoiding eating foods rich in fat and sugar, preferring healthy foods such as vegetables, leafy vegetables, whole grains, always in the simple version, without ready-made sauces. It is still recommended to drink about 2 liters of water and green tea, without sugar, throughout the day to eliminate toxins. 

Each person has an individual need for the amount of calories and proteins, vitamins and minerals they need to consume per day, and for this reason, a consultation with a nutritionist can be indicated to adapt the diet, according to the needs and personal taste. 

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