7 ways to end sagging in your whole body

To put an end to the flaccidity of several places in the body it is recommended to invest in foods rich in protein and collagen, in addition to practicing physical activities, not smoking and keeping your weight stable, because these habits help in the formation of muscle and provide firmness to the skin. 

There are also aesthetic treatments, with the use of creams and dermato-functional physiotherapy that help in this process, and can promote good results.

Thus, some important tips for the treatment of sagging are:

1. Increase water intake

Adequate hydration of the skin helps to maintain its elasticity, as it renews the collagen fibers, which is important to keep it firm and toned. In addition, water improves circulation and prevents swelling caused by fluid retention.

2. Consume foods rich in protein and collagen

The protein found in lean meats, grains, eggs, milk and dairy products is essential in maintaining the muscles that help fill the skin. In addition, betting on a diet rich in collagen, present in orange, lemon, kiwi, tangerine and other citrus fruits is important, because it helps to maintain the firmness of the skin.

Collagen-based supplements, purchased at health food stores, can also be a good way to increase your intake of this substance throughout the day.

In addition, vegetables, green tea and red fruits are rich in antioxidants, so they are also important to prevent sagging skin, as these substances fight premature aging.

See the list of foods to decrease sagging and perfect skin . 

3. Practice physical exercises

Practicing physical activities, especially weight training, takes away the flaccidity because it strengthens and increases muscle fibers and tones the skin. In addition, the muscles gained in bodybuilding replace fat, which is soft and leaves places on the body such as the abdomen, arms and thighs that are more flabby. 

4. Stop smoking 

Cigarettes impair blood circulation throughout the body, in addition to having substances that accelerate the aging of tissues, for this reason, one should avoid the habit of smoking or living in environments with cigarette smoke in order to resolve the flaccidity.

5. Keep weight stable

The concertina effect, which happens when weight is lost and often gets fat, causes the elastic fibers that form the skin to break, which causes sagging and stretch marks. Thus, it is important, when losing weight, to maintain healthy habits so that the weight is stable and does not harm the skin. 

6. Use creams

Applying silicon or collagen-based skin creams daily to the most flaccid places can bring good results. Check out which are the best creams to decrease sagging . 

There are also natural creams, which can be made at home, such as those based on eggs, honey, fruits and wheat flour, for example, which help to tone the skin. Learn the recipe for a great homemade cream for sagging . 

7. Make aesthetic treatments

Treatments performed in dermato functional physiotherapy, such as the use of radiofrequency devices, carboxitherapy or cryotherapy, for example, are strategies used to end flaccidity, and have better results with physical activity and a balanced diet. 

The radio frequency sessions will help in the formation of new collagen fibers that give support to the skin and will contract the existing collagen fibers, which gives great results, mainly in abdominal flaccidity, which usually happens after becoming pregnant.

However, it is necessary to take into account that flaccidity is also a genetic characteristic and if there are other women in the family, such as mother, grandmother or sisters, who have very flaccid skin, the results may be compromised.

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