How to make your child eat everything

If the child always throws tantrums at meals and only wants to eat sweets, snacks and processed foods, always refusing healthy and nutritious foods, what you need to do so that he learns to eat everything is to educate his palate.

To educate your child’s palate, offer foods with less intense flavors like fruits and vegetables. Wait for him to be hungry and when he expresses interest in meals always offer healthy and nutritious options.

7 Tips for your child to eat well

Here are great tricks for your child, grandchild, or nephew to eat well to grow strong and healthy:

1. Less sweets

The sweets should be restricted to only once a week, and after eating the entire meal, the dessert should always be 1 fruit and only after all that, can you eat the long awaited sweet.

It is good that the child is accustomed to eating little sweets because they are rich in calories and have no nutrients that are necessary for him to grow healthy, in addition they still damage teeth. Candies, lollipops and gum should be kept to a minimum and then it is good to brush your child’s teeth to reduce the risk of cavities.

2. Insist

Scientific research claims that a person can taste a certain food up to 15 times before deciding whether he likes it or not. So if your child shows that he doesn’t like something, insist at least 10 more times before giving up. Insist but do not force, if the child presents that he is going to vomit, it is better to take a break and wait a little more until he offers again. See when  Rejecting food is not just a child’s tantrum .

3. Let eat alone

From 1 year of age children should eat alone, even if it initially makes a lot of mess and dirt. A very large bib and sheets of kitchen paper can help keep everything clean and tidy when the meal is over. If the child does not put any spoonful of food in his mouth, avoid making threats but encourage his desire to eat, eating in front of him and praising the food by saying: Hummm how delicious, see how tasty it is!

4. Vary the presentation of the food

A good strategy for your child to learn to eat fruits and vegetables is to vary the way these foods are presented. The texture and color of foods also influence the taste. If your child doesn’t like shaved carrots, try cooking squares of carrots next to the rice to see if they eat better.

5. A colorful dish attracts

Do your best to vary the appearance and colors of the food. Change and use colorful and different dishes often because it makes your child more attracted at mealtime.

6. Good environment facilitates

If the environment is one of stress and irritation, the child is more likely to throw tantrums and reject food, so have a pleasant conversation at the table with the baby or child, showing interest in their reaction. Don’t let her interrupt the meal for more than 15 minutes, otherwise the urge to eat will really end. If necessary, put the phone to wake up.

7. Make sure she is hungry

Leave the child without eating anything for at least 2 hours. Do not offer bread or treats before meals, otherwise the child will not be hungry when eating at the table.

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