How to gain weight without gaining belly

For those who want to put on weight without gaining a belly, the secret is to gain weight by gaining muscle mass. For this, it is necessary to practice physical exercises that cause a great effort and muscle wear, such as weight training and crossfit, in addition to having a protein rich diet, such as meat and eggs.

In addition, in some cases it may be necessary to use protein supplements to increase the stimulation of hypertrophy and accelerate muscle recovery after physical activity.

How should the diet be

To gain weight without gaining a belly, the diet must be based on natural and fresh foods, such as cereals, fruits and vegetables. In addition, it must also be rich in protein, such as meat, eggs, fish, chicken, cheeses and natural yoghurts, and rich in good fat sources such as peanuts, nuts, olive oil and seeds. These foods will help to recover muscle mass and increase the stimulus for hypertrophy.

Another important point is to avoid foods rich in sugar and flour, such as cakes, white breads, cookies, sweets, snacks and industrialized products. These foods have a high caloric concentration and stimulate the production of fat. See full menu to gain muscle mass .

When to use supplements

Protein-rich supplements that help you gain muscle mass should be used when protein intake through diet is insufficient or when it is difficult to reach protein in any meal during the day, especially for people who spend a lot of time outside House.

In addition to protein supplements, supplements such as creatine, BCAA and caffeine can also be used, which make you more ready for training and increase the energy reserve in your muscles. See 10 supplements to gain mass .

What are the best exercises

The best exercises to gain mass are bodybuilding and crossfit, as they require an overloaded stimulus, in which the muscle is required to support a greater weight than it usually does. This excess load stimulates the muscle to grow in order to be able to practice that activity more easily, and in this way hypertrophy is obtained.

Physical activity is essential to gain weight without gaining a belly, and should be practiced for about 1 hour, preferably every day. However, it is important to take a rest for a day or two after working with a muscle group to allow for proper recovery. See the best exercises to gain muscle mass .

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