How to identify water in the lung

To identify the presence of water or other liquids in the lung, the doctor must perform the clinical examination (observe the individual) and request:

  • Pulmonary and cardiac auscultation;
  • Check blood pressure;
  • X-ray;
  • Gasometria arterial;
  • Dosage of cardiac enzymes and
  • Electrocardiography.

The x-ray may show amounts greater than 75 ml of fluid in the lungs, and to identify amounts greater than 10 ml, the most indicated is the performance of exams such as ultrasound and computed tomography.

This way he can close the diagnosis of pulmonary edema and exclude or not heart disease, one of the possible causes.

How to treat water in the lung

As soon as the diagnosis of water in the lung is closed , treatment should be started in order to eliminate the water present in the respiratory system and facilitate the individual’s breathing. What can be achieved by taking medication and using oxygen masks.

The water in the lung is a serious situation that generates a condition called respiratory failure, which if not treated quickly can lead to death in a few hours.

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