How to increase metabolism

It is normal for the metabolism to decrease with advancing age, but other factors also contribute to slowing down the metabolism and hampering weight loss, such as lack of physical activity, excess body fat and poor diet.

However, some strategies can be used to speed up metabolism and favor weight loss and improve mood and well-being, as shown below:

1. Practice physical activity

Practicing physical activity daily is the best and most effective way to increase metabolism. This is because, in addition to expending calories during training, physical exercise keeps the body’s metabolism increased for about 4 hours.

Thus, those who practice physical activity 2 times a day, for example, can make the body burn more calories for up to 8 hours.

2. Consume more protein

Increasing the consumption of protein-rich foods causes the body to spend more calories to process this nutrient during digestion, in addition to stimulating the gain of muscle mass, which is a tissue that uses much more calories than fat. Thus, the more muscles, the faster the metabolism becomes.

The main protein-rich foods are meats, chicken, eggs, fish and cheese, which should be eaten in virtually every meal of the day. See the full list of protein-rich foods .

3. Sleep well

Sleeping well is essential to regulate hormone production, improve mood and stimulate muscle mass gain. It is during sleep that the highest production of GH, the growth hormone, occurs that will stimulate hypertrophy. It is also with good rest that the muscle recovers from training and grows, and the more muscle mass there is in the body, the greater the calorie burn by metabolism.

4. Reduce stress

Trying to control stress and anxiety is important to decrease the production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone that leads to increased production of fat in the body.

To help, practice physical activity daily or go for a walk in the square, on the beach or watch a cool show when you get home after a tiring day are a good way out, as they relieve the mind without relying on food. See 7 steps to combat stress .

5. Consume thermogenic foods

Thermogenic foods, such as pepper, cinnamon, ginger, coffee and green tea, have properties that help to speed up metabolism naturally. See how much to consume these foods daily to help burn fat by clicking here .

In addition to using these strategies, it is also important to eat healthy, rich in whole foods, vegetables, meat, eggs and good fats, such as nuts and seeds. This balance helps the body to function better, which reflects in metabolism and disposition.

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