7 steps to increase self-esteem

Having motivational phrases around, making peace with the mirror and adopting the superman body posture are some strategies to increase self-esteem fast.

Self-esteem is the ability we have to like ourselves, to feel good, happy and confident even when nothing is right around us because we know our value.

But this self-esteem can be diminished when ending a relationship, after an argument, and especially during a depression. Therefore, here are some practical steps you can take on a daily basis to increase your self-esteem:

1. Always have a motivational phrase around

You can write a stimulating sentence like ‘I want, I can and I can.’ or ‘God helps early risers.’, and paste it on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door or on the computer, for example. Reading this type of phrase aloud is a good way to hear your own voice, finding the encouragement you need to move on.

2. Create a bucket of affirmation words

A good tip to increase self-esteem is to write down on pieces of paper your qualities and life goals, especially those that have already been achieved. You can write down things like:

  • I am happy that I am not alone;
  • I can draw very well;
  • I am a dedicated and hardworking person;
  • I have already learned to read and write, I can do much more;
  • I already know how to cook something;
  • I really like my nails, hair color or eyes, for example.

Put these pieces of paper in a jar and read one of these whenever you feel sad and crestfallen. Phrases that can encourage you to move on, pictures of good times and your personal victories can also be placed inside this jar. See 7 ways to release the hormone of happiness.

3. Do activities you enjoy

Doing activities, such as going to the gym, learning to dance, singing or playing a musical instrument, increase security and provide social interaction, being a good excuse to leave the house, dress better and feel good about yourself. 

4. Adopt the superman stance

Adopting a correct posture improves the quality of life, as it allows the person to feel more assertive, confident and optimistic. Find out the correct posture to feel more confident.

5. Taking care of health

Eating well, eating healthy foods and doing some kind of physical activity is also a good way to learn to like yourself more and what you see in the mirror. Prefer fruits over sweets and bread instead of stuffed cookies. Swap fat or fried foods for something more nutritious, in a short time you should start to feel better and more willing. Check out 5 tips to get out of sedentary lifestyle.

6. Make up with the mirror

Whenever you look in the mirror, try to focus your attention on its positive characteristics, without wasting time on the negative aspects of your image. If you are really not satisfied with what you see in the mirror when you wake up, you can say ‘I can get better’ and after showering and getting dressed, go back to the mirror and say ‘I knew I could do it, I am much better now.’

7. Wear your favorite clothes 

When you need to leave the house and are not very happy with your image, wear clothes that make you feel really good. This can benefit your self-esteem because the external appearance is able to change our interior. 

Furthermore, we must learn to smile, even at ourselves, because good humor takes the weight off our shoulders and makes us move forward with strength, courage and faith. Doing something good for someone else or for society also helps to improve self-esteem because we can feel valued and important. There are several ways to help others, whether it be helping to cross the street or volunteering for some cause.

By following this type of strategy on a daily basis, the person should feel better each day, and it should be easier to put each of these attitudes into practice each time.

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