How to increase the chances of getting pregnant

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, sexual intercourse should happen 3 times a week, that is, every other day, during the woman’s fertile period. This is because the quality of the semen is better when there are intervals of two to three days between intimate contact.

Following this tip, a minimum of 3 sexual intercourse is guaranteed during the woman’s fertile period, increasing the chances of getting pregnant and of a good quality sperm meeting the mature egg.Having intercourse in the fertile periodate foods rich in vitamin EPrefer organic food

Other tips to increase the chances of getting pregnant are:

  • Treat any disease of the reproductive system;
  • Do not wash the vagina after intimate contact;
  • Consume daily foods rich in vitamin E;
  • Know how to calculate the fertile period and identify the signs of the fertile period;
  • Avoid consumption of industrialized products;
  • Avoid taking medications without medical advice;
  • Prefer organic foods, because they have less pesticides.

If the couple is unable to conceive naturally after at least 1 year of trying, a medical consultation is advised.

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