How to lose legs

To define the thigh and leg muscles, you should invest in exercises that require a lot of effort from the lower limbs, such as running, walking, cycling, spinning or rollerblading. This type of exercise will increase body caloric expenditure and will use a good amount of fat accumulated in these regions.

The motto reduce fat and increase muscle must be followed daily, thus preventing sagging, increasing the butt and defining the hips and legs better.

But, to ensure that the fat in the legs and glutes is “burned”, it is very important not to consume fats in the diet, adopting a low calorie diet. Very restrictive diets can generate anxiety and not work, so the ideal is to change your diet little by little.

Doing weight training exercises using the lower limbs is also important, as it guarantees an increase in muscle mass, preventing sagging and, consequently, decreases the appearance of cellulite. A good tip is to do an aerobic exercise, such as a treadmill or bicycle, on one day, and weight training exercises on the other.

Exercises for legs and glutes

The following exercises help to work the thigh and gluteal muscles and are excellent for burning fat located in these regions. 

They can be performed 3 times a week with 3 sets of 12 repetitions per exercise:

Lying on your side, raise one leg up to the height of your head, keeping your knees well stretched and the toes facing forward. Then lower your leg until it touches the ground and then raise it again.

Lying on your back, support the weight of your body on your elbows as shown in the image and slightly raise both legs, making a continuous movement, bringing one leg at a time close to your face. If you can, use shin pads on your ankles to increase exercise resistance.

Lying on your back, raise your hips as shown in the image, up to the maximum height you can, keeping your buttocks tight. Hold each lift for 10 seconds and then lower your hips until you touch the floor. Rest 3 seconds and raise your hips again.

How to fight flaccidity and cellulite 

The best solution to not get flabby thighs and butt and fight cellulite after losing weight is to eliminate the maximum accumulated fat and fill the space that it occupied with muscles. weight training. 

There the personal trainer will be able to indicate the best exercises and the weight you need to take to ensure muscle growth, improving appearance. Protein-rich supplements can also help your muscles grow faster and can be recommended by a nutritionist, but without exaggeration so as not to harm your kidneys.

3 steps to lose weight fast

The combination of a balanced diet with physical exercises of legs will burn the fat accumulated in these regions, will make them more turned, firm and will fight cellulite. The result will be seen in approximately 20 days and will be progressive, as the person maintains the practice of exercises and diet, always guided by the physical educator and the nutritionist.

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