What is capillary botox, what is it for and how to do it

Capillary botox is a type of intensive treatment that moisturizes, shines and fills the hair strands, leaving them more beautiful, without frizz and without split ends. Although it is known as botox, this treatment does not contain botulinum toxin, having this name only because it renews the hair, correcting the damage, as it happens in the treatment that is done on the skin.

Capillary botox does not serve to straighten the hair like the progressive brush because it does not contain chemicals, but as it helps to nourish the hair with proteins and vitamins, in the case of people with straight hair, it can make the hair even more smooth and shiny, but just because the wire is more hydrated and less brittle.

Products for hair botox can be found in online stores or specific stores selling products for hairdressers and the price may vary according to the brand and the quantity of product purchased.

What is it for

As botox contains in its formula several nutritious and moisturizing substances, this treatment serves to strengthen the hair, besides leaving the hair more silky, since it provides the vitamins and proteins essential for the health of the hair. Thus, this treatment is indicated for people who have more damaged hair due to the frequent use of the flat iron or the performance of other chemical treatments, such as progressive brush or coloring, for example.

Capillary botox does not change the structure of the hair and, therefore, is not able to leave the hair more porous, dry or dull, on the contrary, it increases the resistance and flexibility of the hair, improving the appearance of the hair. The results of capillary botox can last between 20 to 30 days, depending on the product used. Thus, for a better result, it may be necessary to apply capillary botox twice in the same month.

Some of the brands that offer this type of treatment are Cadiveu, with the product Plástica de Argila, L ‘Óreal, with the product Fiberceutic, and Forever Liss, with the products Botox Capilar Argan Oil and Botox Orgânico.

Before buying and making use of the product, it is important to pay attention to the substances present in its composition, as some products for capillary botox, although not recommended and not the objective of the treatment, have formaldehyde and / or glutaraldehyde in their composition, which is not recommended by ANVISA.

Homemade capillary botox step-by-step

To make capillary botox at home, it is important to follow the following steps:

  1. Wash your hair and scalp 2 times with an anti-residue shampoo or with the shampoo included in the capillary Botox kit;
  2. Remove excess water from the hair , using the dryer, about 70%;
  3. Divide the hair into several similar strands ;
  4. Apply the capillary Botox product , massaging each strand from the root to the ends, with hair well stretched, combed with a comb, strand by strand;
  5. Leave the product to act for 20 minutes , it is not necessary to cover the head;
  6. Wash your hair with plenty of water;
  7. Dry your hair well with the dryer and brush, and if you prefer, you can finish with the flat iron.

Capillary botox can be made on any type of hair, but it is especially suitable for damaged, weak, devitalized and brittle hair due to its formula that intensely nourishes the hair, replenishing the nutrients lost due to daily exposure to pollution, wind or sources of heat, like sun and dryer, but it is also indicated for curly and wavy hair because it moisturizes and leaves the curls loose and soft. In addition to botox, see 7 tips for growing hair and keeping it healthy.

Common Questions

Does capillary botox have formaldehyde?

The purpose of botox is to increase the hydration and flexibility of the threads and, therefore, it contains components that promote hair nutrition, with no formaldehyde in its composition. However, some brands of capillary botox have a small amount of formaldehyde and, in this case, this procedure is indicated to also smooth the hair.

However, ANVISA determined that formaldehyde can only be used in cosmetic products in small concentrations and, therefore, it is important that the person is attentive to the label of the product he uses so that there are not inappropriate amounts of formaldehyde and, therefore, consequences for the organism.

Capillary botox straightens hair?

As most products used in botox do not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that alter the structure of the hair, the procedure is not able to make hair smoother, like what happens after a progressive brush, for example. The smoother appearance of the hair happens due to the greater hydration of the strands, which decreases the volume.

How does the hair look after washing?

After applying botox to the hair and following the entire procedure, a routine of cleaning and moisturizing the hair should be maintained whenever necessary. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner or moisturizing mask and let your hair dry naturally. The hair is not completely straight, but it is very beautiful, natural, without frizz and, consequently, with less volume.

How long does it last?

The duration of the botox effect can vary from one person to another, but usually in 30 days you can notice differences in the hair, requiring a new application. However, who has curly hair, a lot of volume or very dry hair can apply capillary botox every 15 or 20 days.

Who can use capillary botox?

Capillary botox is recommended for anyone who wants to care for and moisturize their hair, from the age of 12, however it is important to pay attention to the product used, because although it is not frequent, some brands of capillary botox may have formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde in their formulation, which are not recommended by ANVISA.

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