7 steps to a perfect eyebrow

To make the eyebrow, you must have the necessary utensils, properly disinfected, and follow the steps correctly, in order to obtain the best results and avoid removing excess hair or choosing an eyebrow shape that does not adapt to the shape of the face.

Here’s how to make a perfect eyebrow:

1. Adapt the eyebrow to the shape of the face

Before making the eyebrow, pay attention to the shape of the face, to choose the eyebrow shape that best fits:

  • Oval face: The eyebrows should be arched and long, but not with a very pronounced angle;
  • Round face: The eyebrows should be well filled, with an arched shape and never rounded;
  • Rectangular face: The eyebrows must be straight, with a more accentuated curve at the tip;
  • Triangular face: The eyebrows can be arched or rounded.

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2. Draw the eyebrow

With the help of an eyeliner, the key points of the eyebrow should be marked, as represented in the image.

To do this, you must start by drawing an imaginary line from the nose flap, passing through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, where a point must be marked with the pencil, which corresponds to the number 1 in the image.

Then, the arch of the eyebrow should be marked, which is where the eyebrow will become higher, drawing an imaginary line that goes from the nose flap and passes in the middle of the eye, the iris, to the eyebrow, marked by the number 2 of the Image.

Finally, the last point results from an imaginary line from the nose flap, which passes through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow, where it should end, corresponding to point 3 of the image. 

3. Comb the eyebrow

After marking the points that will help define the shape of the eyebrow, brush the hair, in the direction of its growth and slightly upwards, with the help of a soft brush or a brush adapted for eyebrows.

Eyelash mask brushes are also used for this purpose, but they can only be used after being thoroughly cleaned, so a mask brush should be used that the person no longer uses.

4. Remove hair

With the help of a small pair of scissors, lightly trim the hairs that are very long and larger than the rest, on the top of the eyebrow, which are more visible after brushing the eyebrow. 

With tweezers, you can remove the hairs that are between the two eyebrows that were delimited by the two points drawn with the pencil and you must also remove the excess hair, below the eyebrow, corresponding to the arched region.

5. Fill in the gap spaces

To fill in the gaps with flaws, give a more marked effect of the eyebrow and make it more beautiful, you can apply a shadow, eyebrow gel or brown pencil, of the same tone, which makes the eyebrow more prominent and uniform.

It is important to be careful not to paint the eyebrow too much so that it does not look artificial, so the ideal is to gradually pass a small amount of product along the entire eyebrow and evaluate the result.

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7. Illuminate under the eyebrow

To give more emphasis to the look and leave the eyebrow with a more beautiful shape, you can use an illuminator or a little concealer under the eyebrow. 

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