How to make super flour to lose weight

The super flour for weight loss is a mixture of several different flours and can be made at home. Inserting this mixture in the diet helps to decrease appetite, so the recommendation is to add 1 tablespoon of the flour mixed in juice or water before main meals, such as lunch and dinner.

Super flour is a set of flours with different types of fibers that will help to decrease appetite and relieve constipation by regulating the intestine and facilitating weight loss. However, to help regulate the intestine it is essential to drink 1 glass of water every 2 hours.

Where to buy super flour for weight loss

Super flour for weight loss can be purchased at health food stores or on the internet. The price of a package of 400 g of super flour for weight loss is approximately 40 reais and lasts about 20 days.

However, to make super flour at home just follow this recipe:

Super flour recipe for weight loss

Ingredients for making super flour at home

  • 50 g of soy fiber
  • 50 g of wheat bran
  • 50 g of flaxseed flour
  • 50 g of polydextrose fiber
  • 50 g inulin fibers
  • 50 g of plum pulp
  • 50 g of papaya powder
  • 50 g gelatin
  • 30 g of cinnamon
  • 30 g ginger
  • 30 g de sucralose

Preparation mode

Mix all the ingredients until it becomes a single flour. Place in a tightly closed glass jar and store in a cool place.

In addition to helping you lose weight, super flour fibers also help control diabetes and lower cholesterol.

Super flour and human food

Super flour is different from human food because it has fewer calories and a greater laxative effect.

In addition, super flour can be used by diabetics and hypertensive patients, as it has no sugar or salt, unlike human food.

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