Japanese Diet: how it works and 7-day menu

The Japanese diet was created to stimulate rapid weight loss, promising up to 7 kg in 1 week of diet. However, this weight reduction varies from person to person according to their state of health, their weight, lifestyle and hormonal production, for example.

 The Japanese diet has nothing to do with traditional Japanese eating habits, as it is a very restrictive diet and should only be used for 7 days, as it can cause changes such as weakness and malaise, in addition to not being a food reeducation menu .

How does it work

the Japanese diet consists of only 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals mainly include non-calorie liquids, such as teas and coffees, vegetables, fruits and various meats.

It is important to remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to gradually reintroduce other healthy foods into the routine after the 7 days of diet, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, cheese and yogurt, for example.

Japanese Diet Menu

The Japanese diet menu consists of 7 days, which must be followed as shown in the following tables:

Meal1st day2nd Day3rd Day4th Day
Breakfastunsweetened coffee or teaunsweetened coffee or tea + 1 salt and water biscuitunsweetened coffee or tea + 1 salt and water biscuitunsweetened coffee or tea + 1 salt and water biscuit
Lunch2 boiled eggs with salt and various vegetablesvegetable salad + 1 large steak + 1 dessert fruit2 boiled eggs with salt + salad at will, including tomato1 boiled egg + carrots at will + 1 slice of mozzarella cheese
Dinnergreen salad with lettuce and cucumber + 1 large steakham at willColeslaw with carrots and chayote at will1 plain yogurt + fruit salad at will

In the last days of the diet, lunch and dinner meals are a little less restrictive:

Meal5th Day6th Day7th Day
Breakfastunsweetened coffee or tea + 1 salt and water biscuitunsweetened coffee or tea + 1 salt and water biscuitunsweetened coffee or tea + 1 salt and water biscuit
LunchUnlimited tomato salad + 1 fried fish filletRoast chicken at will1 steak + fruit at will for dessert
Dinner1 steak + fruit salad at will for dessert2 boiled eggs with saltEat what you want within this diet

It is important to remember to see a doctor or a nutritionist before starting a diet as restrictive as the Japanese diet, to make sure how your health is going and that there will be no serious damage due to the diet. See other diets that help you lose weight fast .

Japanese diet care

Because it is very restrictive and with very few calories, the Japanese diet can cause problems such as dizziness, weakness, malaise, changes in pressure and hair loss. To minimize these effects, it is important to stay very hydrated and vary the vegetables and fruits you consume well, to have access to various vitamins and minerals in the diet.

Another tip that can be used is to include a bone broth between meals, as it is a drink with almost no calories and that is rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium and collagen. See the bone broth recipe .

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