10 tips to take care of nails and make nail polish last longer

To take care of the nails and make the enamel last longer, what you can do is use cloves in the enamel, use a strengthening base or apply thin layers of enamel, for example.

If the person decides to do the nail, they should follow some tips and care that can help maintain the health of the hands and nails, which can help the nail polish last longer:

1. Use clove on the enamel

Putting cloves inside the enamel or inside the strengthening base, makes the enamel resistant to fungi, thus decreasing the chances of being contaminated and causing ringworm of the nail. To do this, simply add 5 cloves to the enamel or the strengthening base, and wait about 24 hours before using.

2. Wash your hands and apply clove oil or vinegar on your nail

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap before applying the enamel ensures cleaning, and applying clove oil or vinegar to your nails helps to reduce the chances of developing infections or ringworm.

3. Push the cuticles

Before applying the enamel, one should always push the cuticles, applying an oil or cream for hands and cuticles, using a small toothpick to push. Avoid cutting the cuticle with pliers, as damage to the skin can increase the chances of infection.

4. Sand the nail and the corners

Using a polishing file, the nails should be carefully sanded on the surface, in order to leave them very smooth and without grooves. In addition, you should also sand the corners a bit, to prevent it from chipping or breaking over the days.

5. Spend a strengthening base

Before applying the nail polish, you should apply a good strengthening base on the nail, rich in vitamin B5, which will not only strengthen and protect your nails, but will also help the nail polish to fix better.

6. Apply thin layers of enamel

Always apply very thin and well-distributed layers of enamel on the nail, it is another secret that helps the enamel to last longer, because this way the enamel adheres better to the nail, drying better and getting brighter. When a thick layer of enamel is applied, it can become pasty, making it more difficult to dry and stick to the nail, which makes it easily chipped or marked.

7. Remove excess enamel

Removing excess enamel around each nail also prevents the enamel from leaving the nails and, for that, you can use a toothpick or orange with a little cotton on the tip soaked in nail polish remover, without acetone .

8. Apply an extra shine enamel

Applying a good extra shine at the end, protects the enamel, increasing its duration, and makes the nail brighter.

9. Protect your hands on a daily basis

Protecting your hands daily with gloves, whenever you need to do household chores, such as washing the dishes or cleaning the house, where you need to keep your hands in contact with water or cleaning products, is another care that can help the enamel last longer time, as well as helping to keep your hands and nails protected, hydrated and cared for.

10. Moisturize your hands and nails daily

Daily moisturizing your hands is another tip that helps the nail polish last longer, as it moisturizes the skin, nails and cuticle, leaving them beautiful and silky.

In addition, using nail polish or salon tools should be avoided, and it is advisable that the person always wear their own nail polish. The person can also ask the manicure if the instruments used, especially the pliers and other metallic instruments, have been sterilized.

In some cases, allergy reactions to the enamel may occur, in which the nails become weak or brittle for no apparent reason, and redness or itching may appear on the skin. In these cases, it is recommended to consult the dermatologist. Learn how to identify and treat enamel allergy .

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