What is Relactation and How to do it

Relactation is a widely used technique for breastfeeding in cases where mothers do not have milk or produce in small quantities, but it can also be used when the baby is premature and is unable to hold the mother’s nipple well.

In addition, relactation can also be done in babies who stopped breastfeeding a long time ago and in cases of adoptive mothers because sucking the baby when breastfeeding stimulates milk production.

For this, the technique is done using a very thin tube that is placed next to the nipple and, through which, the baby can suck the milk that is inside a syringe or its own container.

Step-by-step instructions for relacting with a probe

In order to do a home probe with a probe, you must:

  1. Buy a pediatric nasogastric tube number 4 or 5, according to the pediatrician’s indication, in pharmacies or drugstores;
  2. Put the powdered milk in the bottle, cup or syringe, according to the mother’s preference;
  3. Place one end of the probe in the chosen container and the other end of the probe close to the nipple, secured with adhesive tape, for example.

In this way, the baby, when placing his mouth on the breast, mouths the nipple and the tube simultaneously and when sucking, despite drinking powdered milk, he has the sensation of being suckling from the mother’s breast. Here’s how to choose the best artificial formula for your baby .

Another more practical solution for relactation is to buy a relactation kit from Mamatutti or Medela, in which the woman only has to put the powdered milk in the container and fix the tip of the probe close to the nipple.

How to relact with kit

To make contact with a kit from Mamatutti or Medela, for example, just place the artificial milk in the container and, if necessary, fix the probe in the mother’s breast.

Relactation material should be washed with soap and water to remove all traces of milk after each use and boiled for 15 minutes before each use to be sterilized. In addition, the nasogastric tube or the kit tube should be changed after 2 or 3 weeks of use or when the baby has difficulty breastfeeding.

During the relaxation process it is essential not to give the baby a bottle so that it does not adapt to the bottle nipple and give up on the mother’s breast.┬áIn addition, when the mother observes that she is already producing milk, she must slowly restrict the relaxation technique and introduce breastfeeding.

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