How to tune to waist

The best strategies for thinning the waist are to do moderate or intense exercise, eat well and resort to aesthetic treatments, such as radiofrequency, lipocavitation or electrolipolysis, for example.

The fat located at the waist is the result of consuming more calories than you spend each day. In women, due to the hormonal influence, the fat tends to accumulate first in the belly, buttocks and breeches, while in men it is more accumulated in all regions of the abdomen.

The best strategies for thinning your waist faster are:

1. Waist-tightening exercises

To narrow your waist, it is recommended that exercises be done to speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories, such as:

  • Run on the street or on a treadmill for 45 minutes daily. This exercise burns about 250-400 calories, activates the metabolism and improves physical conditioning and cardiorespiratory capacity, being very beneficial for health and especially for burning fat;
  • Fast walking can be indicated for those who cannot run, in which case a strong walk should be made, at a fast pace using good shoes to cushion the impact on the joints. The time needed to burn fat should be about 1 hour. Better effects happen if the walk is done against the wind or on a slope because it is necessary to make more physical effort, burning more calories;
  • Staying in the plank position for 3 minutes a day is also an excellent way to work your abdominal muscles, improving muscle definition in that region. The ideal is to start for 30 seconds and change your position every 30 seconds, either by keeping your arms straight or standing on your side;
  • Do exercises to strengthen the chest and thicken the legs , such as push-ups and squats because naturally the waist will look thinner. An instructor can indicate some exercises that can be performed at the gym.

In addition to these, it is also important to perform exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscle, as they also help to narrow the waist.

2. Aesthetic treatments

In clinics and beauty centers treatments can be performed that eliminate localized fat, such as:

  • Lipocavitation : which is done with a massage with an ultrasound device that damages the walls of the fat cells, allowing their overflow;
  • Radiofrequency : in addition to promoting the removal of fat from inside the cell, the radiofrequency apparatus also stimulates the contraction of collagen fibers and induces the formation of new collagen cells, which fights sagging and leaves the skin more stretched. Understand how radio frequency works.
  • Electrolipolysis : consist of applying needles to the skin connected to an electric current, which also damages the fat cell, favoring its elimination;
  • Carboxitherapy : this technique uses needles that inject medicinal carbon dioxide, which also injures the fat cell, being great for improving blood circulation and the formation of collagen.

To complement these treatments, a lymphatic drainage session and high-intensity exercises, such as running, swimming, tennis, indoor soccer or cycling, should be carried out within the next 48 hours, keeping the heart rate between 65 and 70% of HR max.

Techniques such as wrapping the belly area with kitchen plastic have no scientific proof that they are effective in eliminating fat. What these strategies can do at most is to stimulate sweating in the belly, eliminating water. The modeling massage, while not eliminating fat, manages to better shape the body, making the waist thinner, the same happens with the use of the modeling belt, but the latter option should not be used daily, because it weakens the muscles abdominal and favors flaccidity, aggravating the situation over time.

3. Healthy eating

To lose weight and thin your waist in a few days you should eat small amounts throughout the day to avoid starving. The foods released are low-calorie and low-fat, such as fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Natural yogurt sweetened with just 1 teaspoon (of coffee) of honey and with cereals such as oat bran, for example, is an excellent option for breakfast or to eat in snacks, not to be hungry.

Good fats, such as those from ripe avocado and nuts such as nuts are also welcome but in small quantities, because they contain a lot of calories. Salads seasoned with a little oil, vinegar and lemon, and the best sources of animal protein are eggs and white meats such as fish, chicken and turkey, for example. You should not eat fast food, any kind of fried food, baked snacks, soda, sweets and alcoholic drinks. The more varied and colorful the meal is, the better.

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