Care for Inserting and Removing Contact Lenses

The process of putting on and removing contact lenses involves handling the lenses, making it necessary to follow some hygiene precautions that prevent the appearance of infections or complications in the eyes.

Compared to prescription glasses, contact lenses have several advantages, as they are not foggy, do not weigh or slip and are more comfortable for those who practice physical activity, but their use can cause conjunctivitis, red and dry eyes or corneal ulcers. , for example. Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing contact lenses in Guide to wearing contact lenses .

How to put on contact lenses

To put contact lenses on a daily basis, it is recommended to follow a hygiene routine, which makes the whole process safer. Thus, it is recommended:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with liquid soap and dry;
  2. Choose an eye and always start with it, to avoid exchanges, it is generally recommended to start with the right eye; 
  3. Remove the lens from the case with the tip of your index finger, place it on your palm and check that the lens is not inverted. To do this, you must place the lens on your index finger, directing it towards the light, and check if the edges widen outwards, if this happens the lens is inverted (inside out). For the lens to be in the correct position, it must show a bluish outline, as shown in the image;
  4. Then, you should put the lens back in the palm of your hand, passing a little liquid over the lens to remove some particles that may have been stuck;
  5. Place the lens on the tip of the index finger, use the fingers of the hand that has the lens to open the lower eyelid and those of the other hand to open the upper eyelid;
  6. Slowly and carefully, move the lens towards the eye, placing it gently. If necessary, looking up when the lens is attached can facilitate the process; 
  7. Release the eyelids and close and open the eye for a few seconds to help with adaptation.

The entire process from point 3 onwards must be repeated to place the lens in the other eye. 

How to remove contact lenses

Removing the lenses is usually easier than putting on, but the necessary care is similar. So, to remove the lenses from the eye, it is advised:

  1. Wash your hands again with anti-bacterial soap and dry;
  2. Open the lens case, choosing the eye to start with. 
  3. Look up and with your middle finger pull the lower eyelid;
  4. With your index finger, gently pull the contact lens down to the white part of the eye;
  5. Grasp the lens with your thumb and index finger, squeezing gently, just hard enough to remove it from the eye;
  6. Place the lens in the case and close.

The entire process from point 2 onwards must be repeated to remove the other lens. In the case of daily contact lenses, they should never be stored, they should only be removed from the eye and discarded. 

Contact lens cleaning and care

To avoid infections and other more serious problems such as corneal ulcers, it is important that those who wear contact lenses follow some rules, which include: 

  • Before touching eyes or lenses, always wash your hands thoroughly with liquid anti-bacterial soap and dry with paper or a lint-free towel; 
  • Change the disinfectant solution in the lens case whenever you need to store lenses, rinsing the case well with solution to remove possible residues. 
  • Whenever you are storing 1 lens, you must first put the solution in the case and not the lens; 
  • The lenses must always be handled one at a time, to avoid confusion or exchange, as it is common for the eyes not to have the same graduation. 
  • Whenever a lens is removed from the eye, you should place it in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of disinfectant solution and with your fingertip you should gently rub the front and back of each lens in order to thoroughly clean your lens. surface.
  • Whenever the case is free, it should be washed with a disinfectant solution, allowing it to dry in the open upside down and on a clean tissue. The case should be changed once a month to avoid infections and the accumulation of waste. 
  • If the lenses are not used every day, the case solution should be changed once a day to preserve and disinfect the contact lens. 

Attaching and removing contact lenses from the eyes is an easy process, especially if done following the recommended steps. There is often a fear that the contact lens will get stuck in the eye and fail to be removed, but this is physically impossible due to the existence of a membrane that prevents this from happening. Discover other Myths and Truths about Contact Lenses .

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