7 tricks to shave correctly

To shave properly, two of the most important steps are to open the pores before shaving and to know in which direction the blade is to pass, so that the skin is slightly irritated and thus prevents ingrown hair growth, cuts or the appearance of red spots.

However, there are other essential secrets to a perfect beard that include:

1. Wash your face with hot water

Using hot water before shaving helps to open the pores, allowing the razor to pass more easily through the skin, in addition to making the hair softer. This way, the skin is less irritated and causes less pain, in addition to preventing the appearance of red spots on the face.

So, a good tip is to shave after taking a shower, for example, since the ideal is to keep the water in contact with the skin for at least 1 minute to allow the heat to have time to relax the pores properly .

2. Always use a shaving cream or oil

As with the use of hot water before shaving, the use of this type of creams or oils should not be optional, as they are very important to reduce the amount of friction between the blade and the skin throughout the process. Thus, there is a lower risk of feeling the skin burning and irritated after shaving.

3. Use a shaving brush

The best way to apply the shaving cream or oil is to use a shaving brush, as your hair produces a slight exfoliation of the skin, allowing you to remove dead skin cells, while correctly spreading the product throughout the skin .

When using this method, it is easier to prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, as there is less risk of dead cells obstructing the passage of hair through the pore. Check out other important tips to avoid hair ingrown to the beard .

4. Use a razor with more than 3 blades

Although using a razor with more blades does not necessarily mean a better shave, razors that have 3 or more blades help to reduce the risk of causing cuts in the skin, as they allow the skin to be stretched. Thus, this type of blades are the best option for those who are starting to shave or for those who always suffer from several cuts.

5. Shaving in the direction of the hair

This is probably the most basic tip, but it is ignored in many cases, especially as many men are unaware that the direction of hair varies according to the region of the face. When the hair is cut in the opposite direction, there is a greater chance of ingrowing when it grows back, which is why some men have ingrown hairs in only one region of the face.

Therefore, before shaving, one should try to find out in what sense the hair is growing in each region of the face, such as the cheeks, chin or neck, for example, and then shave accordingly. A good way to do this is to run a finger or a credit card over your beard and try to see in which sense there is less resistance.

6. Wash your face with cold water after finishing

In addition to allowing the remnants of the cream or oil left on the face to be removed, washing the face with cold water also allows the pores to be closed, preventing them from being opened and accumulating dust and dead cells, which in addition to causing ingrown hairs, leave the very irritated skin.

7. Apply an aftershave cream or gel

After shaving products, such as creams, gels or aftershave oils , contain refreshing and anti-inflammatory substances that help the skin to recover more quickly from aggressive contact with the blades. These properties allow not only to leave the skin less irritated, but also leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and hydration.

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