3 ways to shrink breasts without surgery

Wearing a bra that lowers your chest volume, keeping your weight under control and doing weight training exercises to lift your breasts are some tips that help to shrink your breasts and keep your breasts on top, without surgery.

Having large breasts can bring health problems such as back and neck pain or spine problems such as kyphosis, in addition to often causing psychological discomfort and low self-esteem. Therefore, to reduce breasts and keep everything on top you must:

1. Massage and use creams to give firmness

Massaging the breasts using moisturizing creams based on active ingredients that cause tension, such as tensine or DMAE, promotes breast support and helps to stimulate collagen production. Some examples of good creams to use can be Skin Plus Fluido Tenson, from Dermatus or Aquatic Day, for example.

2. Wear a reducing or sports bra

Wearing a reducing or sports bra helps give the appearance of reducing the size of the breast, while helping to better support the breast, providing more comfort and avoiding possible complications related to the weight of the breasts, such as back pain or problems with column, for example. In addition, this type of bra also flattens the breast, reduces the volume and movements of the breast, thus helping to keep the breasts in place.

Most women with large breasts do not use the right bra model and size, and wearing the wrong bra will lead to poor back posture and pressure on the shoulders, and may even make the breast appear larger, flabby and sagging. So it is important to follow the following tips when buying a bra:

  • Cup size should be adequate, as a small cup creates the double breast effect, while a large cup does not adequately support the chest;
  • The bra loop should always be just under the breast, and should be well located between the breast and the ribs so that it can hold without hurting;
  • The straps should be wide so that they can support the chest well without hurting or causing excessive pressure.

During pregnancy, it is also very important that the bra keep up with changes in the body, especially the gradual and natural growth of the breasts, so it is recommended that updates be made to the size of your bra between 2 and 3 months of pregnancy, then between between 5 and 6 months and finally between 8 and 9 months, where it will be necessary to choose breastfeeding bras.

3. Keep your weight under control and exercise

Keeping the weight under control is another fundamental point, because when there is an increase in weight there is also an increase in the size of the breasts.

In addition, weight training and other exercises that require the use of barbells and weights also help to lift and make the breasts firmer. Some of these exercises can be:

  • Bench press : This exercise can be done on machines or using barbells and weights. To do this, just lie on your back and push the bar towards the ceiling to work the muscles responsible for supporting the breast;
  • Side openings and flights : these exercises can be done on machines or with bars and weights, and in general they consist of opening and closing the arms, thus strengthening the trapezius and chest area;
  • Skipping rope : this is a very complete exercise, which in addition to helping to burn fat, also helps to strengthen the chest and works posture.

 Practice exercises to make your breasts firmer

In order not to harm the posture and the back, one should only perform these exercises after speaking with the instructor or personal trainer , so that he can indicate the best exercises for each case.

When reduction surgery is needed

Surgery to decrease the size and volume of the breasts, called reduction mammoplasty, is recommended in women with constant pain in the back and neck or who have a curved trunk, due to the weight of the breasts.

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