How to lose your fear of public speaking

Public speaking can be a situation that causes a lot of discomfort for some people, which can result in cold sweat, shaky voice, cold in the belly, forgetfulness and stuttering, for example. However, performance in front of more than one person is important both in personal and professional terms.

To reduce the signs of nervousness and allow people to speak more calmly, confidently and safely in front of several people, there are several techniques and tips that guarantee success when speaking in public, such as relaxation techniques and reading in voice high, for example.

Public speaking exercises without stuttering

Stuttering usually arises due to shyness, shame, insecurity or nervousness when talking to more than one person, which can be solved through some exercises that relax the voice and mind, helping to reduce stuttering, such as :

  • Read a text aloud and clearly in front of the mirror and then read the same text to one, two or a group of people as you feel more comfortable;
  • If you stutter, assume that you stuttered, as this gives the person more confidence and makes them more comfortable in these situations;
  • Do relaxation exercises for the mind, such as meditation, for example, as it allows more attention to breathing, which helps to relax – Check 5 steps to meditate alone;
  • In addition to reading a text in front of the mirror, try to talk about anything else, from how your day was as well as a random subject, as this helps in times when something does not happen as planned, which could make the person nervous and consequently stutter;
  • Try to put rhythm in speech, because when words are prolonged, they start to be pronounced more naturally, reducing stuttering.

In addition, when in front of an audience, to avoid not only stuttering, but also nervousness, one can avoid looking directly at people, focusing on points further down the room. As the person feels more confident and comfortable, it is important to make eye contact with the audience, as this gives more credibility to what is being said. Learn more about the exercises for stuttering.

Public Speaking Tips

It is normal for nervousness to arise before a job interview, presentation of a job, lecture or an important project, for example. However, there are tips that help you relax and make the moment lighter, as for example:

1. Know the public

One of the ways to gain confidence when speaking in public is to get to know your audience, that is, to know who you are going to speak to, average age, education level and knowledge about the subject, for example. Thus, it is possible to build a dialogue aimed at the public, which can make the moment more relaxed.

2. Breathe

Breathing is a fundamental factor, as it helps to relax in moments of nervousness and anxiety. It is interesting to pay attention to your breathing so that you can relax and make the moment lighter and more natural. In addition, when the presentation is very long, it is interesting to take a break to regulate breathing and organize thoughts, for example.

3. Study and practice

Study and practice allow the person to feel more secure when presenting a certain subject to the public. It is interesting to practice several times out loud in front of the mirror, for example, so that the person feels more confident and as it happens, present it to other people.

It is important that during the presentation the person is not holding too many papers, for example, or speaking mechanically. It is more valid to have small cards that guide the presentation, for example, in addition to speaking in a relaxed way, as if it were a conversation. This makes the audience more interested, the presentation is no longer monotonous and the person who is presenting feels more comfortable.

4. Use visual aids

An alternative to the cards, are the visual resources, which allows the person to build the presentation in a coherent way and not be so monotonous, with the possibility of adding videos or texts, for example. In addition to making the presentation more dynamic and interesting, the visual aids serve as a support for the presenter, especially during times of nervousness or forgetfulness.

5. Body language

Body language during the presentation shows the audience how the person is feeling. For this reason, it is important to adopt a posture of trust and seriousness, avoiding being static, performing the same movement every minute or leaning against a certain object, for example, this can show the public a little insecurity and nervousness.

It is interesting to gesticulate during the presentation, to interact with the audience, even if only through looks, to speak with confidence and to do some tricks to disguise the trembling of the hands, if it happens. It is also important to take care of appearance, with regard to being suitable for the environment, in order to convey an image of seriousness and confidence.

6. Don’t be afraid of questions

It is normal for questions to arise during or after the presentations and this can make the person very nervous. However, one of the ways to verify the success of your presentation is through questioning, that is, it is positive that people have doubts, that interest. Therefore, it is important that during the presentation the person is open to questions and knows how to conduct them in a clear and comfortable way. For that, it is necessary to be confident and in control of the subject presented.

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