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How to strengthen bones in Menopause

Eating well, investing in calcium-rich foods and exercising are great natural strategies to strengthen bones, but in some cases the gynecologist or nutritionist may recommend taking a calcium supplement to ensure strong bones and prevent fractures and their complications.

If a woman suspects bone problems, she should see a general practitioner to assess her bone health through a densitometry test and begin appropriate treatment, which may include hormone replacement drugs or dietary supplements.

To strengthen the bones in menopause a woman must:

  • Eat Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D at least 3 times a day: help to strengthen bone mass and make bones stronger;
  • Exposing yourself to the sun in the early hours of the day and without sunscreen : promotes the absorption of vitamin D, increasing the effect of calcium on the bones;
  • Give preference to foods enriched with vitamin D , such as Densia yogurt, Margarine Becel, Parmalat milk or GoldenD eggs: they improve the vitamin D reserves, increasing the absorption of calcium by the bones;
  • Practicing physical exercise 30 minutes a day : helps to make bones strong and maintain mobility and flexibility;
  • Avoid eating iron-rich foods with the same meals as calcium: absorption of iron makes it difficult for calcium to enter the bones.

It is important to follow these tips because, after menopause, there is a great loss of hormones, causing a decrease in bone mass and leaving the bones thinner and weaker. Thus, after menopause osteoporosis is common, which can lead to fractures in the bones or deformation of the spine, becoming humpbacked.

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