How to teach baby to pee in the toilet

To encourage the child to pee and poop in the bathroom and stop using the diaper, it is important that some strategies are adopted to help the child get used to the idea of ​​using the pot or potty to make needs instead of the diaper .

These strategies can be adopted as soon as some signs are observed that indicate that the child can already control the urge to pee well, when they can already understand the instructions given by the parents and when they can already demonstrate in some way that they need to pee or poop , which usually happens from 18 months to 2 years, but can vary from child to child. Thus, when these signs are observed, one can try to start the defrosting process.

Step by step to leave the diaper

From the moment that signs start to be noticed that the child is ready to leave the diaper, it is important to start getting used to the potty, initially, and adopt some strategies to make the use of the diaper unnecessary and so the child can use the potty and then the toilet without any problem.

So, the step by step to make the child leave the diaper is:

  1. Familiarize the child with the potty or the pot . The potty is interesting because it gives the child more security because it is short, which makes the child able to sit comfortably, but there are also seat adapters that can be used and, in this case, it is important to provide a stool so that the child will climb up and also put your feet on it when using it. It is also important that parents talk to the child about the purpose of the potty and the pot, that is, what it is for and when it should be used;
  2. Accustom the child to being without diapers by putting on the child’s panties or underwear as soon as he wakes up;
  3. Observe the signs presented by the child that indicate that they need to go to the bathroom and take them immediately afterwards, reinforcing the idea that as soon as they feel like peeing, they should go to the bathroom and that they should remove their panties or underwear to do their needs. ;
  4. Explain to the child that adults do not use diapers and that they do the needs in the pot and, if possible, let the child watch while doing the needs. Then, show and explain where the pee and poop are going, as this also helps the child to understand why to use the vase;
  5. Praise every time the child goes to the potty or the toilet to do the needs, as this helps to consolidate the teaching and encourages the child to continue with the action;
  6. Be patient, understanding, tolerant and take the time to make this transition with your child. It usually takes children a week to adapt to using the potty and abandoning diapers during the day;
  7. Avoid wearing clothes that are difficult to take off. The easier it is to remove clothes alone, the more practical – and quick – it will be to use the bathroom;
  8. Only after your child leaves the diaper of the day do you start the night shift .

The process of teaching the child to use the vase can be a long one, however it is important to be patient and not to fight with the child if he needs the pants. In addition, it can also make the time more fun for the child, being able to read a story for the child or give a toy, for example.

Even when it’s normal to wear diapers

There is no suitable age to stop using diapers, however children can usually acquire to start defrosting between 18 months and 2 years, however some children may need more time to start this process.

It is important for parents to observe the child to know when the process of leaving the diaper can begin, paying attention to some signs that the child may show how to be able to urinate large quantities at once, the diaper does not get wet with for a few hours , the child already begins to show signs that he needs to do the needs, such as crouching, for example, and already begins to understand the instructions given by the parents.

And, finally, it is important to know that despite following all these tips, it can happen that the child is not prepared and the defalde does not evolve. Give the child a break and after a month or two, start over.

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