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How to use water and lemon to loosen the gut

A good option for those who suffer from stuck intestines is to drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed on an empty stomach, as this helps in the reflex of intestinal emptying by irritating the intestinal mucosa and stimulating the peristaltic movement that generates the desire to poop.

In addition, lemon water helps to eliminate toxins that accumulate due to the presence of feces for a long time in the intestine, preventing it from being absorbed by the small blood vessels present in the intestine and returning to the blood contaminating the body.

If you prefer, you can prepare a lemon tea by placing half a squeezed lemon in a cup of hot water and then adding the peel of the fruit, letting it stand for a few minutes. Take when it is warm, without sweetening.

How to fight constipation

To potentiate this home treatment for constipation the most important thing is to consume more fibers because they will increase the fecal cake and consume more water so that the feces can pass through the intestine more easily, therefore, it should be:

  • Regularly consume foods rich in fiber, such as leafy vegetables and add fibers such as ground flaxseed, wheat bran in juice, vitamin, soup, beans or meat, consuming this in every meal of the day;
  • Practice some type of physical activity, such as dancing, walking or cycling, because physical activity also helps to empty the intestine;
  • Eat foods that loosen the gut like yogurt whipped with papaya;
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day, or tea or natural fruit juice, but without being strained;
  • Eat unpeeled fruits every day;

What causes constipation

Constipation is when the person goes more than 3 days without pooping and when it does it is very dry, comes out in small balls and hurt the anal area when passing, and can even cause bleeding, hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

The main cause of constipation is to consume few fibers on a daily basis, so anyone who is used to eating only rice, beans, meat, bread, butter and coffee, has a great chance of having very hard and dry stools, leaving them with the swollen belly.

Those who do not drink enough water to quench thirst and supply the body’s needs are also more likely to have constipation. Even if the person eats a lot of fiber every day, if he does not drink enough water, the fecal cake will not slide through the intestine, becoming accumulated.

In addition, people who are sedentary and do not engage in any physical activity on a daily basis are also more likely to have constipation. Other less common causes of constipation include diseases and obstructions in the intestine, which are serious conditions and need medical evaluation.

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