What is micellar water for and how to use

Micellar water is a liquid widely used to clean the skin, removing impurities and makeup applied to the skin. This is because micellar water consists of micelles, which correspond to a type of particle that penetrates deeply into the pores and absorbs the residues present in the skin, promoting its cleansing and hydration.

Micellar water can be used by anyone, regardless of skin type, as it does not contain chemicals, preservatives or alcohol, aiming to purify the skin, without any type of reaction.

What is micellar water for

Micellar water is used in order to promote skin health, which happens due to the presence of micelles in its composition, which due to their characteristics, absorb the residues present in the skin and are able to promote its removal without causing any irritation in the skin. skin. Thus, micellar water serves to:

  • Clean the skin and pores, being ideal to clean the face at the end of the day or before applying makeup;
  • Remove makeup, effectively removing residues from the face;
  • Purify and rebalance the skin;
  • Help to reduce oiliness and excess sebum on the skin;
  • Soften and soothe the skin, being ideal for when the skin is irritated and sensitive.

Due to the fact that in its composition there are no chemicals, alcohol, preservatives or dyes, it can be applied to the entire face, including around the eyes, without causing any type of irritation.

How to use

To apply Micellar Water on your face, just use a little cotton to spread the entire product on your face and eyes, morning and evening if possible.

After the face is clean and purified, it should be hydrated, using a face moisturizer or thermal water, for example, which is a type of water rich in minerals that promotes skin hydration. See more about thermal water and its benefits. 

Micellar Water can be purchased in pharmacies, supermarkets, cosmetics stores or online stores, being sold by several brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Avène, Vichy, Bourjois or Nuxe.

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