9 foods that cause migraines

The foods that cause migraines are usually those that stimulate the central nervous system, in addition to processed foods, as they are rich in artificial additives that favor inflammation, worsening pain and stimulating new crises.

The following is a list of the main foods that should be avoided, at least in large quantities, by frequent migraine sufferers:

  1. Chili;
  2. Coffee, green tea, black tea or mate tea;
  3. Foods with ajinomoto and ready seasonings;
  4. Alcoholic beverages;
  5. Energy drinks and soft drinks;
  6. Chocolate;
  7. Orange, pineapple, kiwi and other citrus fruits;
  8. Processed meats, such as ham, salami, sausage or sausage;
  9. Ready-made soups and instant noodles, due to excess additives.

Care with the diet should always be done, as food mainly helps to prevent new crises. In addition, it is important to see a neurologist for guidance and assess the need to use any medication.

Foods That Improve Migraines

Foods that improve migraines are those with soothing properties and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, as they act on the brain by releasing substances that decrease inflammation and promote well-being, such as:

  1. Fatty fish , such as salmon, tuna, sardines or mackerel, as they are rich in omega 3;
  2. Milk, bananas and cheese , as they are rich in tryptophan, which increases the production of serotonin, a hormone that gives a feeling of well-being;
  3. Oilseeds like chestnuts, almonds and peanuts, as they are rich in selenium, a mineral that reduces stress;
  4. Seeds , such as chia and flaxseed, as they are rich in omega-3;
  5. Ginger tea , as it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve pain;
  6. Cabbage juice with coconut water , because it is rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation;
  7. Lavender, passion fruit or lemon balm flower tea are calming and help promote well-being.

The consumption of foods rich in B vitamins, such as beans, lentils and chickpeas, also helps to prevent migraines because this vitamin helps to protect the central nervous system. See other  Foods rich in antioxidants .

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