Foods rich in omega 6

Foods rich in omega 6 are important for maintaining proper brain function and regulating normal growth and development of the body, as omega 6 is a substance that is present in all body cells.

However, omega 6 cannot be produced by the human body and, therefore, it is important to eat foods containing omega 6 daily, such as nuts, soy oil or canola oil, for example.

The recommended daily amount of omega 6 should be less than the amount of omega 3, as omega 6 prevents the absorption of omega 3, causing a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. See the amounts of omega 3 in foods at Foods rich in omega 3.

In addition, excess omega 6 can also worsen the symptoms of some diseases, such as asthma, autoimmune diseases, rheumatic problems or acne, as omega 6 increases the body’s inflammation and hinders respiratory function.

List of foods rich in omega 6

The main foods rich in omega 6 include:

Food / Portion Quantity omega 6 Food / Portion Quantity omega 6
28 g of nuts 10,8 g 15 mL of canola oil 2,8 g
Sunflower seeds 9,3 g 28 g hazelnut 2,4 g
15 mL of sunflower oil 8,9 g 28 g cashew 2,2 g
15 mL of soybean oil 6,9 g 15 mL of flaxseed oil 2 g
28 g peanuts 4,4 g 28 g of chia seeds 1,6 g

These foods should not be consumed in excess, as excess omega 6 can increase the risk of developing fluid retention, high blood pressure or Alzheimer’s.

Thus, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist, especially when suffering from an inflammatory disease, to adapt the diet and avoid excessive consumption of omega 6 in relation to omega 3.

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