Polyacrylic Acid (Viscotears)

Viscotears is an ophthalmic lubricant that acts by forming a transparent film on the surface of the eye, protecting the cornea against dehydration.

This medicine is found in pharmacies under the names Refresh Gel and Vidisic, being produced by the Novartis laboratory and can be purchased without a prescription.


These drops cost on average 35 reais.


The use of Viscotears is indicated in case of risk of dryness of the cornea as in cases of coma or during anesthesia. In addition, it is indicated for congestion of the conjunctiva or Sjogren’s syndrome.

How to use

Viscotears is for ophthalmic use and can be used by adults and children. 1 drop in the conjunctival sac is recommended 3 to 4 times a day.

Side effects

Usually this remedy can cause itching, irritation or adhesion of the eyelids after its application.


Do not use the product if there is sensitivity to any component of the formula.

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