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Psychogenic Amnesia: what it is, why it happens and how to treat it

Psychogenic amnesia corresponds to temporary memory loss in which the person forgets parts of traumatic events, such as air accidents, assaults, rape and unexpected loss of a close person, for example.

People who have psychogenic amnesia may have difficulty remembering recent events or those that happened before the trauma. However, this can be solved through psychotherapy sessions, in which the psychologist helps the person to regain emotional balance, in addition to helping him to remember the events little by little.

Why it happens

Psychogenic amnesia appears as a defense mechanism of the brain, since the memory of traumatic events can trigger strong feelings of pain and suffering.

So, after events that can bring emotional and psychological consequences, such as accidents, assault, rape, loss of friend or close relative, for example, it is possible that a blockage of this event may occur, so that the person does not remember what happened, which in many cases can be quite exhausting and distressing.

How to deal with

As it is not associated with any type of brain injury, psychogenic amnesia can be treated with psychotherapy sessions, in which the psychologist helps the person to reduce the stress level caused by the trauma and recover the emotional balance, in addition to helping the person to remember, little by little, what happened.

Psychogenic amnesia usually disappears after a few days, so it is important that memory is stimulated daily with the use of photos or objects that may be associated with the forgotten event.

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