Retinoic acid for stretch marks: benefits and how to use

Treatment with retinoic acid can help eliminate stretch marks, as it increases productivity and improves the quality of collagen, which stimulates skin firmness and reduces the width and length of stretch marks. This acid is also known as Tretinoin, a compound derived from vitamin A that is widely used for skin treatments, such as removing blemishes and rejuvenating.

Its use is available in various concentrations in the form of creams or gels from 0.01% to 0.1% or for chemical peels in higher concentrations of 1% to 5%, indicated with the guidance of the dermatologist according with the needs of each person.

In addition to treating stretch marks, retinoic acid works by removing dead cells, reducing blemishes and wrinkles, in addition to improving the appearance of the skin. Learn about the other benefits of retinoic acid and how to use it

Where to buy

Retinoic acid is purchased from ordinary pharmacies or prescription pharmacies, and its price varies according to the product brand, location, concentration and quantity, and can be found between about 25.00 to 100, 00 reais the product unit.

The highest concentrations, from 1 to 5%, for chemical peels, are very potent and are found in aesthetic clinics, and must be applied by a qualified professional to avoid skin complications. 

How does it work

Retinoic acid is a good way to treat stretch marks, because: 

  • Increases collagen production;
  • Stimulates the filling of the skin layers;
  • Increases skin firmness;
  • Improves vascularity and circulation of the skin.

The effects are more easily achieved in red streaks, which are more initial, although good results can also be obtained in the treatment of white streaks.

How to use

Retinoic acid in the form of a cream should be used by applying a thin thin layer of cream or gel, as a clean, dry face, massaging gently. 

The chemical peeling of retinoic acid, on the other hand, must be carried out in aesthetic clinics or in the dermatologist’s office, as it is a treatment that leads to exfoliation of the most superficial layer of the skin. Find out what are the advantages of chemical peeling and how it is done . 

The treatment time and the frequency of applications vary according to the size of the stretch marks and their thickness, and must be guided by a qualified professional. In addition to retinoic acid, there are other treatments that can be combined to obtain a better effect, and include carboxitherapy, CO2 laser, intradermotherapy or microneedling, for example. Find out which are the best treatments for stretch marks . 

In addition, during treatment with any acid it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun and use a moisturizing cream based on vitamin C to help the skin heal.

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