10 sleepy foods

Most foods that make you sleepy and keep you awake are rich in caffeine, which is a natural stimulant of the Central Nervous System, which causes psychic stimuli by increasing the availability of glucose to the brain. Other of these foods, although they do not contain caffeine, are able to increase metabolism, fighting sleep.

The most common and sleep-depriving foods include: 

  1. Café;
  2. Chocolate;
  3. Mate tea;
  4. Black tea;
  5. Green tea;
  6. Soft drinks;
  7. Guarana powder;
  8. Energy drinks like Red Bull, Gatorade, Fusion, TNT, FAB or Monster, for example; 
  9. Chili;
  10. Ginger.

In order not to interfere with the night’s sleep, these foods should be avoided at least 4 hours before going to bed. However, they are a good option to wake up and put off sleep, which help to keep the brain awake to perform demanding activities such as studying or working late.

The important thing is to avoid these foods close to bedtime, in order to avoid sleeplessness or sleepless nights, and their excessive consumption can increase stress and anxiety. Close to bedtime, it is recommended to bet on consuming teas that help ensure a good night’s sleep, such as Lavender , Hops or Passion fruit tea , for example. 

When not to be consumed

In some situations, stimulating or caffeinated foods are contraindicated, and should not be consumed when there is: 

  • History of insomnia; 
  • Excessive stress; 
  • Anxiety problems; 
  • Heart disease or problems; 

In addition, foods with caffeine can also enhance the appearance of stomach problems, such as poor digestion, heartburn, stomach pain or excess acidity, in more sensitive people.

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